Dear diary: Over it..

Do you ever sit down and think .. I’m over this?

I’m so over these case studies I have to do for college, I’m over these pimples on my face because they just will not go away, I’m over this stupid song playing on the radio right now, I’m over this dumb wireless keyboard that just isn’t syncing! I’m over sitting here trying to finish off my work and thinking that I’m going to achieve so much and get so much done but only manage to do 1 hour worth of work because now the right side of my body has decided to annoy me and make me uncomfortable where I  feel like I need to be stretched and pulled out like an elastic band. Over it.

Okay so if you’ve never read my blog before, welcome, yeah I complain.. A LOT, but sometimes it’s funny so it’s all good.

I’m so sorry everybody for the lack of beauty and makeup posts, I really do want to get some up but instead of rushing it, I actually want to go through a product and make sure I know everything about it before I blog about it, i mean come on, it’s only fair especially because I’m just so convincing. Smiley face. I promise I will try to get some up soon, just bear with me, but in saying that, how entertaining are my posts right now? =)

So I realised today that I don’t really talk too much about what goes on in my life, I mean I know you guys may get the gist of it, but I wanted to spend this blog writing about what I’ve been getting up to lately.

If you don’ t know, I’m at college right now studying beauty therapy, so we’re learning advanced facials right now, I’ve done waxing, nails and normal facials. We started a student clinic last thursday where clients come in for treatments performed by students who are studying the course. I got to do facials all day that day and I was so excited for that because I love performing facials, waxing on the other hand, not so much. It was just nice to know that the clients I worked on enjoyed my facial which included a cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask really enjoyed what I did so that’s a plus. Even though I think being a beauty therapist is awesome the dream is to write for a magazine, to write about products because I just have so much of it and there’s nothing more interesting than finding new products and knowing the ingredients in a product and knowing what it can do for you skin. Knowledge on products, I’m like a sponge absorbing all that info.

I got my license the other day, so yeah I can like drive now on my own and if you’ve read a previous post of mine, driving for me was not a priority, it was something where I saw all my friends getting it but not me, but oh em gee I got them, so yay me. my Dad was ducking in embarrassment at the place because I was so happy that I got them.

My best friend had her 21st on saturday and I got to do a speech for her which was so embarrassing, do you guys even know what I did? So being the one who has so much to say sometimes especially when they’re you’re best friend, I was going on and then people started clapping because they thought I’d finished and I yelled out “I’m not done!” forgetting that they were  videoing this, so I still haven’t seen it yet because she’s sent her butt overseas to Cook islands for an awesome holiday, so I’ll probably see it when she gets back and here’s hoping that I don’t look stupid. sad face.

I’m also starting to feel really unfit, don’t kill me guys, I haven’t gone for a run in 2 weeks now and this is coming from somebody who used to run 2 hours everyday. I’m so disappointed and  I really just need some motivation to just get back into it and I think that’s why I’m a little bit stressed because I haven’t been exercising. I kind of miss it, being healthy. It explains my skin too, junk food for the past week, ice cream everyday, my body just needs a huge cleanse of carrots and juice with lots of yoghurt and fruit. THINKING HEALTHY right now! Everytime I’m craving for that crunchy potato chip, I’m going to stop and think, do you really want your skin to look like that again? oily? pimply? break outs like no tomorrow? NO, so don’t eat it.

Alright all, I am going to ship my body into bed, I’ve got another huge day tomorrow and remember, if you’re ever over it, just think of me, because I’m probably feeling over it too, whatever it is.


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