Dear diary: Another yoghurt store..

Question: Who does laundry at night and lets it air dry because they don’t have a dryer? ONLY ME.

I am buzzing from this coffee I had this morning and my nerves are shaking like jelly wobbling when you touch it. No sleep for me tonight.

Okay so, can I just say I’m getting really tired of this yoghurt sensation, craze, fad, whatever you want to call it. STOP with the freaking yoghurt! It’s like everywhere I go, shops are boarded up with huge signs announcing the GRAND OPENING of some 99% fat free yoghurt, choose your own toppings, super healthy for you, come join the craze, let’s conform everybody. It’s like there is, no joke, a yoghurt store everywhere I go. I love yoghurt don’t get me wrong and yeah good on the creators who are like you know, oh what do you want for dessert, let’s go have yoghurt instead of chocolate because I want to be healthy, but then are you really being healthy after you put on those oreo toppings followed by some gummi bears, it’s like cold rock ice cream but yoghurt. I think, yay for yoghurt, but I’m really intrigued to see what happens when you have so many yoghurt stores everywhere, what happens if one starts going downhill, I think the rest will follow. It’s not even cheap. I could go to my supermarket and buy a whole tub of yoghurt for 5 dollars, instead of a little cardboard cup. That is all.

Sorry to all  who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about because you may not have a million yoghurt stores on every corner, unlike the places around me.      sigh sigh sigh.

Now if there was a healthy burger place, yum!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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