Dear Diary: Yeah! that just happened

I think that some people should just be quiet, that is all. No, of course not, I always have something  to say, can you imagine if I didn’t.

Alright so I saw something so rude today and I was just  like what just happened, are you kidding me? That’s really gross and so rude and what the heck, really! did that just happen.

Mind blown.

I was walking through this park and these  trees were just ridiculous. There was pollen on the ground, it looked like somebody was shredding white wood everywhere. Anyways, it was pretty windy so the pollen was just getting everywhere, on my clothes, in my hair – being a girl, I don’t like that, I mean come on, it’s already windy, nature stop it. Okay, so these 2 ladies were walking in front of me and one of them covered her nose and mouth from the pollen with her jacket, we were walking until we got out of the park and she was still covering her mouth and nose and then all of a sudden, being me I look around everywhere, but as I turned to look straight, there was this lady walking in the opposite direction to us and then she let out a fake sneeze onto the lady who was walking in front of me, and me, being the germaphobe, I immediately swerved to avoid that even though it wasn’t going on me, I was going to walk through that. The lady in front of me, didn’t even flinch or move , I think because she was so into her conversation with her friend next to her, but I mean come on, how rude is that, she let out a fake sneeze, I’m talking the ACHOO sound you make, right next to her, in her face and I was just in shock, I couldn’t believe how rude that lady was and what the heck, how could you do that to somebody.

Talk about gross.

Anyways, eventful days, have an amazing day everyone.

P.S. Excuse me while I go smash my keyboard now, I’ve never made so many spelling mistakes in my life!



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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