Dear Diary: Why I hate public transport..

So after a good one hour of feeling like I was about to vom my brains out, I still feel pretty sick.

Why you ask? I don’t know, maybe because I had pizza last night for dinner and mind you I have not eaten pizza for like 10 months, so maybe that’s why. I mean I went hard out on this pizza, I got deep pan with mozarella stuffed crust, I had like 6 pieces (they were small okay- don’t judge me) and is that why I feel sick? maybe the cheese just hasn’t digested properly and I am downing some peppermint tea because I just feel so nauseous. There goes my run for the day, I do not want to risk my insides from spilling out with all that motion in the ocean. That totally did not make any sense, but it rhymed.

Alright so let’s talk public transport during peak hour times. Now I don’t know if everywhere in the world is going to have this problem, but I’m so sick of these air conditioned trains when the carriages are packed full of people like sardines in a tin. We are not sardines okay, you can’ t just chuck us all in one carriage and close the door and expect that the air conditioner will cool us down, it doesn’t, especially when you have like 100 people breathing out their carbon dioxide, that’s just gross and just thinking of recycled air makes me feel sick and I think that’s what also contributed to me feeling like I’m about to blow chunks any second now. Most days are okay, but when you already feel sick, its really humid in that tin can we call a train, there is no fresh air circulating until those doors open 15 minutes later to let MORE passengers in, I’m over it. This is how WE get sick people! I would know, the amount of times I have gotten sick when catching public transport, oh the germs and my immune system, you are partly to blame, you know how much of a clean freak I am and still you just can’t handle it.

Another thing, when people take out their phones and you’re sitting right across from them and they hold their phone like they’re about to take a picture. That freaks me out. I have no idea if they’re going to take a photo, maybe they like my hair cut, but they could just ask for a photo  and that’s me thinking positive, hoping that they’re not creeping and taking random photos of people for the sake of it. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t like having a camera directed at me, when you don’t need to be holding your phone like that, put it on your lap! don’t hold it with your arms out and elbows bent, please, this is why sunnies are my lifesaver.

Alright so I want to hear stories of what people do that freak you out, I know I am not alone, I just can’t be.


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