Dear diary: WARNING! People are mean

Hint: When you have to say No offence or I’m not being racist or anything, chances are, you already know that what you’re about to say, will offend someone, so why would you say it anyway. When people talk , I listen – welcome to conversation. Hearing those words occasionally. okay I understand, but the more you say it, those words lose their meaning and that’s when I know you’re not a genuine person and you just say that to save yourself so you don’t sound like some rude person and make people think why are we even friends with you.

There is a boundary in conversation that you just don’t cross and I don’t get how some people can be so forward and just say things without thinking beforehand, how can you just assume something when you’ve only heard a little part of somebody’s life.

I felt horrible the other day, the way this person was speaking about me and saying all these things to the girls we both sit with. She made me feel bad about myself, I’m not going to lie, she made me feel bad for being a girl who doesn’t smoke, or likes to get drunk or go partying all night and not come home until the morning. I don’t do that, that’s not me and yeah, I live a different lifestyle from her even though we are the same age, but that was the first time in my 21 years of existence that I felt bad for being me. I cannot imagine how you could ever make someone feel that way. Her words are so inappropriate at times, I don’t know if she even gets that what she says is rude and not normal, that other people have feelings and it’s not just about her and it makes me think, are there really people like that in this world, because it’s horrible.

Please everybody, Don’t ever let someone make you feel bad about being who you are, some of us may have similarities but we’re all one of a kind.


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