SEE: Bobbi Brown BB cream review

Okay so, I’m sitting here procrastinating, because I really should be doing my work for college, but instead I was like, wow, I haven’t blogged about products in a while and there is just a whole backlog of products I want to talk about and they’re just sitting on my table waiting, just waiting until I’ve finished using them.

Alright we all know by now, I hate summer and one of the worst things for me is to wear foundation in summer, I feel like what’s the point when you’re just going to sweat it all off right? I’m also one of those girls that doesn’t wear a lot of foundation, sometimes I’ll look at people and be like how are you not sweating right now with all that makeup on and why does it still look so good, I HATE YOU! not really I don’t even know them, but you get my point.

Makeup is a craze and I remember when mineral foundations were the “in” thing to have and everybody was like wow this mineral foundation is amazing it’s so light and it’s the word mineral, when you think of minerals you think light, sparkly and good for your skin and now it’s all about BB cream. Getting insight from the girls at college is great, you talk about products, what each person uses for their skin, the latest products they’ve tried or want to try and being obsessed with BB cream at the moment, I bought Bobbi Brown’s BB cream with an SPF of 35. I have to say, the day I wore this BB cream to college, the girls in my class would not stop talking about how good my skin looked. I was pretty dumbfounded too, I was like thank you, seriously stop, it’s this BB cream, it’s light but it gives the right amount of coverage and because we were talking about this around christmas time, the girls were like I hope I get this for my christmas present.

Bobbi Brown BB cream

Bobbi Brown BB cream

So, BB cream or blemish balm is a mixture of a skincare product plus makeup. It’s a moisturiser and foundation and I like to think of it as a step up from tinted moisturisers because it’ll give you that extra bit of coverage. I personally really love this product, it comes in 5 shades, extra light, light, fair, medium and medium to dark. It’s light enough that you feel like you’ve got nothing on but still covers those little imperfections (goodbye pores) and gives you an even skin tone. On those days I feel like I need a bit more coverage, I’ll pop on some concealer before I apply this and I found that it blends really well onto my skin, honestly almost natural.

5 shades

5 shades

It’s available in one size, 40mL and I paid $60 for it. Now don’t freak out, just a little bit of the product covers quite a lot which I thought was really great because you want something that will last for some time and worth your money.

The packaging is simple, a small, black tube that you can pop in your bag and apply almost anywhere. It’s a water based product, so it’s great for normal to oily skin types. My warning is because it does have sunscreen in it, avoid the eye area, especially under the eyes, I swear when those fumes hit your eyes, it just ruins all your eye makeup. In saying that however, I find when I do apply my normal stick foundation over the top of my eyelids to give it an even base , the foundation creases over your eyes and no amount of powder is going to help it, but after I apply the BB cream to my face, I apply what’s left of it over my eyelids and it leaves a smoother finish and just a cleaner look.

BB cream in medium

BB cream in medium

I would definitely buy this again, I think it is a beautiful product that everyone needs to try and it’s just such a quick and easy product that takes seconds to apply.


2 thoughts on “SEE: Bobbi Brown BB cream review

    • Compared to other BB creams I’ve tried, I thought the coverage was a lot creamier and thicker, if you want to cover pimples or something like that, it’s not going to do that, but the great thing about this is that you can also use it as a makeup base or primer before your foundation. I have to say though the coverage is pretty good for a BB cream, I wouldn’t say flawless but I found that it gave a nice glow the longer it sat on my skin. Hope that helps. =)


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