Dear diary: summer/skin/ hair/presents!

Dear Summer and my skin, I really do not appreciate the amount of heatwaves we have been receiving this season. Don’t you understand that it is too hot that I can’t even function right now? How inconsiderate can you possibly be and skin don’t think you’ve gotten away with anything, thank you so much for the beautiful breakouts in areas on my face that have never broken out before and no amount of cranberry juice i drink can get rid of you, I even had to bring out the tea tree oil just to antiseptic my face! Please, I’ve had enough I refuse to go outside because your sun is just too strong for my skin, I will spend the rest of my day today indoors watching movies. Is that what you want, people to spend their time indoors instead of out? huh, summer, think about it.


It is hot today guys, so hot and in case you couldn’t tell by my negativity above, i hate the heat, I think because I’m a sweater, I will stand outside and just feel that dry heat and just start sweating, my body sucks, why can’t I be like I don’t like sweating, it’s gross, so I don’t do it. Oh well anyways good news, it’s been a while since I’ve done a hair blog because I started getting sick of how short my hair was. I have decided to be a little bit daring because I normally style my hair in waves and put it all on one side, so what I decided to do was to cut one side short and leave the other side long, so think of it as a side bob, instead of being long at the front and short at the back, it’s going to be short one side to long on the other. I was planning to get it cut today but it is just way too hot to go outside, I feel sorry for the environment! it must be burning with the sun just shining on it constantly, I would hate to be cement I tell you. I’m going to get it cut tomorrow and I know I’ve said in my blogs I have very low expectations of ending up with a haircut that will look good in the end, but I really want this hair cut to look good, I honestly was considering just chopping it off myself but I can’t see the back and I don’t want it to look too lopsided. I will blog the result when I get it done, so be alert for a blog that could go good or bad. =)

By the way I want to pitch a 21st gift idea to you guys, one of my really good friends is turning 21 soon and she used to do ballet and it’s something that she really loves and her face lights up when you talk about it, she’s such a wonderful person and here’s hoping she’s actually not reading this right now because there goes my gift. I wanted to buy her a swarovski pendant that had ballet slippers and I thought that would look really nice as a necklace, but I think also turning 21 jewellery is a given right? Like most people would buy that, so I was thinking on top of that, she is nuts by the way, she has this weird fascination with babushka dolls and being me I can’t give a present without having a part of that present being made or created by me, just because it’s fun. So I wanted to grab a bunch of babushka dolls along with stationary that was babushka along with speakers that I saw and just a gift bag of babushka themed stuff, which I don’t even know how she’ll take seeing all that babushka, she’s so funny, but that’s what I was thinking. Hopefully I can find all these things though. And with the card, cards are always thrown away except mine, I keep mine because people write some really nice stuff on them, how can they throw it away? Okay, getting sidetracked, I wanted to buy one of those letter blocks and write on that and put quotes or pictures on it and decorate it, I could make it look vintage or rustic, it’s okay, if I do it, I’ll post it up and show you guys. I’m so excited I haven’t had a project to do in ages.

Okay guys I hope you have a great day, I love blogging, I didn’t know I had that many ideas for the gift until I started typing it out. thanks guys. I will update you all on my hair soon. =)


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