Dear diary: 2013, what will you bring?

Has it really been 2 weeks and a bit since my last post? really? Geez we’re already 9 days into the new year and wow I guess I really haven’t been on my computer for a while, my fingers are collecting dust as I type this up right now, so gross. I just vacuumed, well the floor not my desk area, how embarrassing.

Okay first of all here is to a new year, goodbye 2012. will never be seeing you again! Here’s to hoping this year will be a good one, I suppose.

Do you know what? Christmas and new year is like death in food sense. I never get diets when people swear themselves off junk food, I mean a bit is okay, it’s called moderation people! You know you have chocolate and a burger, how can you give that stuff up? Food is just too good sometimes. I think I ate quite a lot this holiday and just trying to get back to being fit again and I am so unfit right now. 3 months ago I was running for 2 hours everyday and now I am pushing myself just to do 40 minutes a day of running. Despite what people say, i love running, I think for me, it’s the only form of exercise I seriously sweat and then after running I feel so good, even though it might be 30 minutes, I’m always like I feel so fit after it because I pushed myself to do it and my heart is racing and is like stop, please I can’t take it anymore until the next day.

One thing I love after eating so much junk is cranberry juice, it’s a great little detox for me after a week of junk food and green tea is a given as well. My skin just clears up after I have cranberry juice and it’s just amazing in my opinion.

So, 2013, new year’s resolution, do people really ever stick to these? Like really? But that’s okay even if I don’t stick to mine, I tried so it counts. One thing I really want to do this year is to blog a bit more, I feel happy when I’m writing even if most of the time what I talk about might not make sense because I’m in my own little world and it’s like Caroline snap back to reality, okay now I have Eminem’s song in my head. good going to me. I want to get my driver’s license already!!! it’s ridiculous that I keep putting this off because something always comes up and just finding a time to book and it gives me a headache, something I have to do this year!  What else? Keep fit! Last year for me was intense, I was working out 3 hours everyday and now that I have become more educated in the art of exercise, 30 minutes a day is sufficient according to my sister and 60 minutes a day for weight loss, I really don’t need to be running for 2 hours and on the elliptical for an hour, that and I have no time now that I’m back studying, which reminds me major exams this year for beauty therapy, here’s to me studying hard and getting the practicals I need and just being well educated.

Alright guys so those are my new year’s resolutions, hope you guys stick to yours if you have any and now time to dance to one direction because it’s playing on the radio! =)

Oh and get a new keyboard that isn’t wireless, it’s spazzing out again.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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