SEE: Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector review

Well hi guys, I’m feeling super tired today, my body is awake but my head is like I want to go back to sleep, but NO i have a blog to do.

So remember when I was like no more talking about me and onto the products, you guys are so in luck! I went out shopping again yesterday and I’m kind of overwhelmed to be honest with the beauty products I’ve bought, everyone’s like for your clients? I’m like NO, for me. =)

I’ve got a bunch of stuff from Clinique, Mac and Lancome which I’ll try to roll out during the week or maybe next, it’s almost Christmas so everyone will most likely be away on holiday and just enjoying food and being with family and friends and just no work, I guess, we’ll see.

Okay, so I had a week where my skin was so great remember because of my carrot sticks i swear, but hello I forget I have dark circles under my eyes and everytime I don’t have concealer on it’s like woah are you tired? no I just leave me alone, people are so mean, talk about insecurities, but whatever. I got Clinique even better eyes dark circle correcter and I am sooooo excited with this, I really really hope it works because when eyes are good everything else just falls into place, your skin looks brighter and fresh and healthy and the sun rays coming through my window are hurting my eyes. Sorry you know how you have those days where the sun just fades away and then comes back really strong and does it ALL DAY, like clouds please make up your mind.

Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector

Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector


With this product, it says it’s going to take about 12 weeks, even though I wish and so does everybody that they would just come up with a miracle product that works in seconds, but hey maybe in the future.

So, PRICE don’t freak out okay, I kind of did but it’s an eye serum so they’re just so much better than creams, in my opinion and I live in Australia so everything is just so much more expensive because we’re so far away from every other country on this globe. sad face. For 10mL I paid $50. There is only one size available.

What it does, it’s meant to brighten dark circles which will help create an even toned look. The packaging is different, I love the little cooling massage tip, it’s very cute and it makes you excited to use it.

cooling massage tip

cooling massage tip

It is the tiniest tube of product and you apply just a little bit,  morning and night after cleansing otherwise what’s the point of putting it on. It’s great for all skin types,100% fragrance free so if you’re like my sister, you’d be cheering and it’s also allergy and ophthalmologist tested and I googled Ophthalmologist and it’s a medical doctor specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye. See you don’t just come to my blog and read how much things annoy me, you come here to learn as well. you guys are so lucky. =)

The serum is a light brown colour with the tiniest bit of reflecting light minerals which help light to bounce off that area. When applying it, it’s very light unlike other products that feel quite heavy and it’s something you don’t want around your eyes, to feel as if it’s being dragged down so this product when applied is like it’s almost not even there.

tiniest dot of product

tiniest dot of product

I will be giving an update on how things go in 12 weeks, I’m really hoping this works because I am so excited to wake up and be like Hey there you don;t have dark circles under your eyes anymore, good work and then I’ll be recommending it to everyone because that’s just how I roll.

Alright guys have a wonderful day or night, love you. any questions comments put them down below and I will get back to you guys ASAIC. (that means as soon as i can – because i just totally made that up.)


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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