Dear diary: It’s hard to say no. =(

Exams week why???????????

Next week will be my last week of college for the year and then I can finally be like YAY no more study until 2013, that and I already studied and I feel like I’ve studied my brains out so I’m going to blog. =)

Okay what do you say to someone when you really don’t want to go to something that they’ve planned? Technically it wasn’t really a plan, it was more of a discussion with the girls in class about having a celebratory dinner ish thing and I well we were supposed to rsvp in saying if we were going to attend or not today, but the girl organising it ( the one who bit my head off because she’s not eating carbs and I told her she was being snappy) was away and half of the girls in my class say that they’re going to go, but these girls don;t really talk too much to the one organising it, whereas the other half (this includes me) can’t make it or its just to hard to travel there at 8 at night with public transport, I don;t think so. So one girl lives 2 and a half hours away and if she doesn’t catch the train at a particular time, her next train arrives at 4:30 the next morning, another girl has work the next day, the other 2 are going to go but only for a bit and for me, I would like to go, it’s just 8 at night? for dinner? Am i being to much of a whinger, is 8 not late for people or is it just me?      =(

My reason for not going is I honestly don;t feel safe, I don;t want to be travelling by myself at 10:30 at night on my way home on the train and I have class that day so I have to go to class then go all the way back home and then back again for dinner at 8, is that not a hassle?

And i want to complain more, but I can;t because my keyboard is spazzing out again, I tell you. NEVER BUY WIRELESS! and I’m sick of correcting my mistakes and pressing the space button once to have it, move not one space but to the other side of the page, thanks a lot keyboard, love you. NOT!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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