Dear diary: When you’re happy

Like helloooooooooooooooooo, do you ever spend so much time with someone that you notice that you all start acting the same. It’s so weird. You are the company you keep. It is so true.

How is everyone? I’m feeling so happy right now, I think it’s a change in diet, I’m not kidding I went to buy carrots and yoghurt today, you know like for snacking? Like carrots and dip together, yumm especially avocado dip, okay I’m going to stop because then i’m going to get hungry.

But do you guys want to know a secret to clear skin? Eating healthy, like duh and cleansing, I’m not kidding my skin is looking so great and even though it’s summer and I usually break out in Summer and pimples are like nah don’t even care Caroline, it’s hot, I’m going to stick out on your face so everyone can see and you can’t wear makeup because you’ll just sweat it all off. It’s like my pimples hate me, so this summer, I’m going to  try to beat the breakout dilemma and just eat super healthy with power smoothies and fruits and nuts and vegetables, my skin is not going to know what hit it. But in saying that I really love a good burger, I’m not even talking about a burger from McDonalds, I love a good gourmet burger with chips and I am going to have myself that tomorrow night with no regrets, so no one make me feel bad. I’m allowed to give in, just a little as long as I exercise it off. right? =)

You know how like you go for a long walk and then you see ice cream and you want to eat it but then you feel bad because you”re trying to be healthy but then you tell yourself it’s okay I walked really far and I’m going back as well so then it’s okay to have one? I do that sometimes. Guilty.

I have no idea where this blog is going, my thoughts are going crazy! I think I’m just hyper because I’m going shopping tomorrow and it’s nearing the end of my first trimester at college even though I have exams next week, I feel like I’m already celebrating. I have not been shopping for months, I’ve been so focused at college, I’m such a nerd but I am going to go crazy and I’m going be seeing one of my good friends and we’re going to have dinner and I’m going to buy makeup everyone, like a lot of makeup so prepare yourselves, I’m not gonna talk about myself anymore, okay. I know my blogs have been all about me lately but that’s okay right? I think I’m pretty entertaining, that and I laugh at everything.

Oh and I haven’t done a hair blog in a while… hehehehehe.



2 thoughts on “Dear diary: When you’re happy

    • I know what you mean, I’m trying to eat just yoghurt mixed with some muesli and a piece of fruit for breakfast. It’ll stop me from spending more money on food. Yay for being healthy! =)


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