I’m still here…. promise.

Okay okay okay,

so it’s been like 3 months or something now and I kid you not, I am sitting here, eyes drooping, so sore because i think i got some eye cream in my eyes, but i was like i need to check my blog or i just need to do something or write something or just whatever… ANYTHING! I MISS YOU ALL! i miss not writing about what goes on in my life because half of the time I’m here typing assignments instead of blogs that could benefit everyone right?

so sad.

BUT!!! glad to know that you guys are still reading my blog even if it’s old stuff  or new people are reading some stuff, it’s just good to know that after about 3 months I’m still getting some traction on my posts, so that’s amazing and I can’t thank you guys enough.

I don’t know where to begin, I worked on this amazing photo shoot a few weeks ago, I’m learning so many new things, my head feels like it’s about to explode but it’s okay, all in the name of beauty right?

I haven’t forgotten about my blog okay! promise.

I will definitely hope to get something up as soon as I can.

LOVE YOU ALL! have an amazing day or night. =)

and so sorry if I didn’t make any sense, I’m so sleepy.


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