Dear diary: High tea anyone?

Remember back when I said I was going to throw myself a high tea party for my birthday? Well I didn’t because I decided to actually go to a high tea place with a few of my best friends and my amazing cousin. Let’s just say last week wasn’t that great which would probably explain the lack of posts but I’m all good now, I’ve definitely cheered up and I had such an amazing day today, why would I be sad?

I went to The Victoria Room Tea Salon which was just the cutest thing and such an amazing environment to be in. I had so much fun, we had the Classic high tea (set menu), there were the scones, your tea, sweets and chocolate, little finger sandwiches, everything a high tea represented. There were also fries, talk about fancy fries all you potato munching lovers. It’ll definitely be an experience I’ll never forget and here are a couple of pics we took.



the tea.. english breakfast anyone?


 We each received individual teapots with the tea we wanted.

the food..

Food was amazing, looking at these photos makes me so hungry, don’t be fooled, you think you can eat it all, but it’s so filling.

more food, the second platter..

Different scones per person, the desserts and sandwiches were the same. Plain scones for me because the desserts were so sweet.

the table setting..

And of course, a picture of the whole table. Very cute, very girly, elegant. Gives you a reason to be posh for a day.

I suggest all you ladies get your legs moving there and it’s so not just a chick thing, if you’re man enough.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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