FEEL: A skin care brand called MooGoo…

Hey guys, yay for the weekend, not like I do much but yayyy!

And before anyone says anything, yes I changed the design of my blog just cause I felt like it and I do things like that every so often because I get bored pretty quickly and WOAH my keyboard is spazzing out on me.

Sometimes I find it really weird when people say to me that they’re not into the whole skin care and makeup and beauty things because I forget that we all have different interests and I like to think that everybody thinks like me, but no. Talk about being in my own little world.

I like when I find a product that really works and it’s something useful where I just tell people about it because I can’t help it, I mean I’m the type of person where I’ll buy it and they can try it and then I’ll rave about it and talk it up so that they’ll get it. Get it? =)

I picked up this amazing cream a couple of weeks ago and my skin is literally glowing! Now in all fairness, I personally think it was like fate, I was meant to buy this. So, a friend of mine came over and I was like heyyyyyy your skin looks GREAT! And she was like thankyou, it’s this all natural cream I literally just slapped on my face and I was like yeahhh and just nodding like an idiot because her face was glowing and it looked so hydrated and smooth and you get it. Caroline was amazed. She told me about it and 3 days later I walked into this chemist and there this product was, right at the counter, I’ve never seen this particular brand there before but this time I did, so I bought it because I wanted my skin to glow too.

It’s a skin care brand called MooGoo.

MooGoo Full cream


Now it’s for every skin type imaginable and what I love about it is that when you put it on, there’s no heavy residue (MINERAL OIL FREE EVERYONE*) which makes it amazing.

mineral oil/ paraffin oil free! yay to that!


It’s made from natural ingredients and every time I look at the packaging I want to drink milk, sorry lactose intolerant people. I personally can’t believe how many people really like this brand and at the same time I wonder why people I know haven’t gotten on board with this product. I think they just need me to tell them about it, they’re just waiting.

This type is Full cream, there’s one for ANTI AGEING TOO!

It’s been 2 weeks using this particular cream and my skin looks so good. I love how it’s super soft and it has that natural glow to it. The main benefit is for skin elasticity and getting that elastin back into your skin.

Check the link out, I personally am in love with this brand, just read the packaging and that’s what sold it to me. http://www.moogoo.com.au/

Let me know guys if you do try this out because it’s just so nice.

*mineral oil/paraffin oil – leaves a residue on the face which eventually clogs the pores in your skin

Have a great weekend!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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