It’s already September! and Benefit total moisture facial cream review, just a bit.

When the heck? It’s Spring already!!! I swear I just wrote a blog about it being the beginning of August. Where have I been? It totally feels like I just skipped a whole month.

But anyways let’s pretend my brain hasn’t gone MIA and let’s start September with me telling you all about how much I got to spoil myself by buying some new skincare products because I guess I don’t want to spend my money on clothes because all the sales on winter stock is everywhere and I just can’t resist!

Some great advice from my mum that she’s given me and something that has just stuck when I’m out shopping is if you want to spend money, like I mean SPEND MONEY (if you still didn’t get that, it means pricey, expensive, great quality, worth your money’s worth)  there are 2 things you should spend it on, that is anything that goes on your skin, your make up, skincare, creams etc and shoes and I’m not talking about those fancy heels ladies contrary to what you may think but shoes that support your feet. Why?

The skin: A lot of people take young skin for granted, by not moisturizing, not cleansing properly because we’re young and although we don’t see any effect now, it will happen eventually. I personally do believe as well that you don’t want things that are cheap that is most likely going to give you some sort of reaction and you never really know what are in these products.

The shoes: Shoes are so important especially if you’re standing up all day or moving around, going for a run, you need something that will support not only your feet, your ankles, your knees all the way to your back. You’d be surprised with how much pain you can get from just wearing the wrong shoes. Trust me, I’ve been there, running with shoes that don’t have gel on the bottom really took a toll on my knees, especially because I was running everyday for 2 hours.

Back to my skincare..

I always thought that I didn’t really need to spend too much money on skincare, all your cleansing, masks, exfoliating. I’m very lucky to have good skin and drinking lots of water helps. So I decided you know what I want a skincare that’s good for me just to brighten my skin, get rid of the dark circles, the occasional pimple because with the hotter season coming up, my skin is going to hate it. I’m a sweater, so mix sweat with stress from knowing you’re going to get pimples and the oil and BAM! It’s pimples galore with pores the size of Jupiter, gross.

What I’m loving at the moment is the skincare range by Benefit.

Although I’ve only just started using it, I can tell you that anybody who finds creams irritating and heavy and sometimes you just don’t want to apply it because you get that dragging feeling and overall you just feel uncomfortable so you don’t put it on, it’s like exercise, sometimes it makes you uncomfortable so you don’t want to do it.

Benefit total moisture facial cream

With Benefit total moisture facial cream, it’s just so light but it has all the moisture you need. This particular one doesn’t contain any sunscreen so it’s a great day and night cream. It’s also perfect before you apply your makeup just by adding that extra moisture your skin might need and the smell is unbelievable. It’s so fragrant and you just want to put it on.

I didn’t realize how much I’ve blogged so I do have other products by Benefit which I will probably put up in a separate post, because you know any short attention span people, like me are not going to sit here reading this, I mean my bottom is sore just from sitting here typing.

When I purchased this product I wasn’t too worried about the price, this one is 48.2g and I paid $59 for it, which I thought was fine because you literally don’t even need too much moisturiser. I would honestly say it’s worth it.

Anyways I am going to enjoy the rest of this amazing sunny day here in Australia, I promise to have more Benefit skincare products I bought up here, sometime, soon, I hope. =) Love yous, if that’s even a word.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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