Short hair VS Long hair

I think no matter who you are, there will be a time in your life where you are going to want something you don’t have. Think about it, if you have dead straight hair, you want curly hair, if you have short lashes you want longer lashes, lighter skin you want to get a tan. Sometimes I think the world is just full of opposites and wanting to change things.

Bringing me to the topic of today or what’s annoying me right now… short hair vs long hair. I’ve had it all, those do it yourself home hair cuts that were super short and made me look like a boy, the very thin at the bottom crazy layered hair that apparently everybody should have to the medium length hair that just sat there with no volume, so flat and so boring.

My hair grows out pretty quick but if any of you can relate, that’d be great. When you go from having long hair to short hair, it feels so weightless and it has so much volume to it or maybe its just me because I cheated and got a perm. However when hair grows out, there is a stage in hair growth that I like to call the ugly stage.

The ugly stage: This is where your hair has grown to a length that it is just impossible to work with.It frustrates you because you seem to be having a bad hair day almost everyday. It tends to go wild and frizz up at times, it feels dry, it looks unhealthy and no matter what you do to style it, it’s just not working and most of the time it’s gathered into some sort of top knot trying your best to hide all the imperfections and make it look as stylish as you possibly can at this stage. It gets all in your face especially when that wind blows and you feel like you just want to shave it all off.

At this very moment my hair is exactly at that stage and I just want to shave it all off because it is so crazy frizzy from this perm I got and it is just at a length where it doesn’t look good. So I thought, genius me why not write down some pros and cons of short hair vs long hair.

Short hair: 


– Great for  hot summer days where you might tend to sweat, it feels great not to have any hair up in your face or the back of your neck, sweat away ladies and gents.

– Drys so quickly after you have a shower whether it be the natural way or using a blow dryer, which saves electricity as well, added bonus.

– I like to call this the ready to wear hair, wake up, I mean come on short hair, how much time do you really need to style it?

– It’s manageable, less dead and split ends because it always looks healthy.


– It doesn’t have that nice bounce to it when you walk, sometimes it lacks volume

– Limited styling looks, it’s not like you can plait short hair or try out a crazy style

–  People might mistake you for a boy!

– It’s one of those haircuts that just don’t suit everybody


Long hair


– Style it anyway you want, try out different looks, imagination just goes wild

– You can play around with it more

– There are so many styling products you can get for long hair

– Add some cute little feather extensions in, or some hair accessories just look better on long hair IMO.


– It can be hard to maintain with all those products

– You’re just asking for split and dead ends

– You kind of malt more I think

– It just gets so annoying when it is being stubborn and won’t sit in the right place

The best solution for hair at the ugly stage would be the top knot or a messy bun or even a claw clip just so it’s back, off the face and because you won’t see it as much, your brain tricks you into thinking that it’s growing out faster, but sometimes it lies.

Have a great day everyone! If you live in Australia enjoy this winter heatwave, because I definitely am not.

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