Dear diary: Customer service is just so bad!

Yesterday I went out, I decided to go to the shops to buy a couple of gifts for my friend for her birthday this weekend. I wanted to create a little gift box for her, if you guys don’t know, I love making gifts and making it personal and just getting all artsy crafty, if that makes sense. Here’s a link of a gift idea I came up with if you want to check it out.

I mean okay, I’m prepared to deal with rude people, like I know not everybody out there is going to be nice or treat customers or people in general the way they should be treated, maybe because they’ve had previous bad experiences with other customers but can I just say, not every customer is going to be rude. I mean, I feel like I blog about retailing all the time because I’m just so shocked with how bad customer service is. I get that you have a job to do but it takes 2 seconds to say hello when somebody walks into the store, you don’t even have to ask if I need help with anything but just greet me and then you can get back to doing whatever you have to do.

I think in retail it’s so important to be nice and not to judge, I mean at the end of the day, you’re trying to make a sale and trust me I walked out of so many stores yesterday because customer service was just that bad, I was all ready to pay for what I wanted, too bad they took too long talking to each other about their hair.

For me, it does bother me that people can just be so rude, but worse for them because I will never walk into those stores again and it just creates a bad image for them.

Too bad, so sad is all I can say.

I’d love to know is it just me or is customer service pretty bad? Let me know and drop a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Dear diary: Customer service is just so bad!

  1. I agree! I am constantly shocked and annoyed by rude service in shops. I love the you’re voting with your feet and not going back. Good for you!


  2. I hear ya! I posted a whinge a few months ago on my living in the Asian lane blog and got blasted by people for it.

    I don’t care what anyone says but if you have bad customer service why should I buy anything from you? People are unhelpful and I would happily spend my money in your store as long as you’re not a total jackass when it comes to basic service.

    I will complain if it’s really bad if I feel that it warrants a complaint


    • It really is shocking especially when you go to places that you think should offer some pretty great customer service, but what can you do but walk away sometimes. I just like to think, too bad no money for them, but yep we’re definitely on the same page on this.


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