FEEL: Lucas’ papaw ointment review

August august august, guys it’s august already! I feel like july just flew by.

Today I want to talk about Lucas’ papaw ointment.

Lucas papaw ointment

I’m going to include a little link for all of you if you want to check it out and see why so many people rave about this product, which I’ll include at the end of this blog.

My story..

This product has been around for a while and was crazy popular when I was in high school, I am not kidding one day I was like my lips are so dry at the moment and my friends would literally whip out their papaw ointment and say you should use this, it’s really good.

Being stubborn, I never really jumped on the bandwagon of papaw ointment because I wanted to be different and not have what everybody else had, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. People would rave and rave about this product and I wouldn’t really care to much about it.

The other day my fingers swelled up and it was so red and itchy that I had no idea what was going on with my fingers, I later figured that okay an ant bite or many because it felt so inflamed, swollen, red, itchy and just overall ugly and if any of you have ever had an ant bite, you get it right? And talk about biting in an awkward place too, if it bit me on my leg I don’t think I’d care too much but fingers? Really ants?

The swelling went down because I rubbed a wedge of lemon over it but I still got left with some rough skin and skin that looked deflated if that made sense, it’s hard to describe. A loss of elasticity I’m going to call it. I decided because it was there in my bathroom I’d try it out on the ant bites because at that point nothing was working and to me, using that, there would be no harm. Within a couple of hours, it looked so much better, almost completely healed now, the skin is looking normal and no dry or flaky areas. My thoughts, love it and it works!

My mum actually had a skin  reaction the other day to a sunscreen and her cheeks were so inflamed and red she was complaining that it was burning her and that it hurt. Immediately I was like, wash your face and cold compress, which helped and overnight she applied the papaw ointment and the next day it was amazing, it wasn’t completely healed, but the swelling went down, the redness reduced, it’s crazy when products really work sometimes.

What you use it on…

This product has so many benefits and it’s not only an ointment that relieves but also cleanses the problem area. You name it, cuts, minor burns, chafing, splinters, cracked skin, nappy rash, insect bites (me), splinters, thorns I could go on.

My love for it..

What I really love is that, it’s not only a product that works but it’s inexpensive. You get so many crazy creams and ointments out there that are pricey and you’re not even sure if it’s going to do the job, with this ointment even  if it doesn’t work, you’ve only spent at minimum $4.95 (that’s how much I paid)

The sizes and packaging..

You’ve got 3 sizes, the 25g which comes in a tube form, which is just great to pop in your handbag. Talk about convenience. You have the 75g tub and also one that comes in 200g, if you use a lot of it.

I don’t normally talk about packaging with products but with this one, it’s simple and in a vibrant red colour, you just can’t miss it.

Links and last few words..

If you guys want to read a bit more, head on over to their website and check it out for yourself. All I can say is I’ve got the little 25g tube in my bag everywhere I go now.


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Till next blog, have an amazing day everybody!


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