Dear diary: When your phone breaks, turn to facebook..

.. or some sort of social networking site.

People are really mean.

So today my phone broke and I’m going to blog about how I feel because I’m so frustrated right now.

I’ve only ever had 2 phones, my first one being a nokia 6610 and my recent one a nokia 6760. I’m not that type of person who needs a phone with all these apps or you can do this on this phone and you can do that, you can get how many gigabytes you want. I don’t care. To me a phone is a phone and as long as I can call people, text people and they can reach me and I can reach them it’s fine.

So today I dropped it and it’s not the first time it’s been dropped and with nokia phones, the backing usually just comes off along with the battery, the screen has never cracked on me. But being a slide phone, this time it slid open and smashed on the floor so the sliding is broken and the film that attaches the information together or whatever I don’t know, it just snapped so it’s broken and it won’t turn on.

I was like, I can fix it. NO I CANNOT! I literally don’t even know. So as soon as I got home I spent 3 hours going through all pre paid phones I had, to find that 4 out of 5 of them are all locked! So I went back to my nokia 6610 and the battery is literally dying, I’m not talking just charge it, it’ll be fine. NO! it’s that old that even if do charge it, the battery is going to die.

I thought that’s okay I can still get all my info from the sim card, oh guess what guys, it’s not SAVED ON MY SIM CARD!!!!! And then I was like oh wait it has a micro sd card, so maybe all the info is there. Spent half an hour calling up people asking if they had a card reader, thankyou for family for living close by, got it. So I managed to save some pics and videos and music but I have no peoples. I have none of my contacts saved on this sd card and I am so devastated because it’s all saved on my phone that doesn’t even turn on now, calendar dates, notes. IMPORTANT THINGS! And before anyone goes well you should of backed up your phone and update info daily onto your computer from your phone, just don’t. I already feel so poop inside and it doesn’t help when you go on google to find answers to fix the problem and you get smart comments like that. Alright why do people have to be so mean? A simple, try getting it repaired at a mobile repair shop or recommend a good place you can get it fixed, is fine. People need to calm down with the things they say sometimes. I don’t even know.

All I can say is thank you for social networking sites at least I can get some numbers off there.


2 thoughts on “Dear diary: When your phone breaks, turn to facebook..

  1. People can be daft but I’m sure your friends will happily send their info again to you.

    Maybe as a backup keep a date diary for your appointments (if you haven’t already) if you can’t retrieve the info from the SD card.

    It’ll work out 🙂


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