FEEL: Yes to tomatoes acne spot stick REVIEW

Okay I’m kind of mad right now. Although I love trying out new products that I get or are given to me or I buy for myself, I really don’t like it when this one product I have seems to be working for everybody else but me, well 90% of people calculated by my own made up statistic, but you know what I mean.

What is Caroline talking about you may ask? Well I’ll tell you, okay, I’m talking about this Yes to tomatoes clear skin acne spot stick.

Yes to tomatoes clear skin acne spot stick

Where do I begin, okay mostly girls but some guys may relate to this if you’ve seen the ads, you get a pimple or you feel a whopper of a pimple coming on and you’re stressing out because people are just going to stare at it and with stress comes more pimples (if you’re like that) and you just need clear skin for this one event you may have. It always happens, your skin could look fiercely clear for one week and then when you actually have to be somewhere or go to a party or a rocking event, lol, yeah I’m laughing at myself I just said that, you have this huge pimple and no not at the side where you can sort of hide it with some hair but smack bang right in the middle of your face, so it’s like your pimple might as well be saying hello to everyone you meet.

I was so excited to try this spot stick out because just as I got it, I got a massive red pimple because I don’t even know, I think because this week I just went a bit cray cray with the deep fried food, whoops.

Reading the reviews on this product as well got me so excited and kind of a bit sad to say this, what I was reading was that it worked really well for A LOT of people who tried it, but unfortunately not for me, well sort of.

  • What is it?

Yes to tomatoes clear skin acne spot stick

It’s a roller ball spot stick which targets all those blemishes you may have and allows you to apply the product on the spot or blemish that needs it unlike you facial washes or scrubs which you apply all over your face.

  • What’s in it?

With any acne or pimple treatment, you’re going to find that it contains salicylic acid which helps to unclog pores, break down any blemishes and also control the oil.

It also contains bisabol and ginger which helps with the redness you find on your pimples and it helps to reduce it and also tomatoes which have lycopene which is great as that will help to control the oil.

  • How to use it?

I think the one thing that annoys me about this is having to apply it 1 -3 times a day especially for those really severe blemishes and even though it’s a quick little roll on, what if you’re the type of person that wears a lot of moisturiser or foundation all day.

  • When applied..

The roller ball

Applying it, it’s fun, it’s a different product, it makes you feel like you’re targeting that pimple. It goes on clear which is hard to see and make sure you give the tube a good shake so the roller ball doesn’t get stuck.

  • What I like about it?

I do like however that it is just for those spot blemishes, the smell is nice, I do really feel like I am doing something to prevent these pimples from getting worse, it’s not a drying product, my skin doesn’t get irritated. I think with the Yes to tomatoes brand, they’re products are very mild.

  • So why am I mad?

I guess I’m definitely bummed that it didn’t work as well for me, in my opinion it’s not a miracle worker, the blemish isn’t going to disappear overnight, there may be a slight difference, I definitely will say the redness on my blemish has reduced a fair bit and

  • My thoughts overall..

I would recommend this for those pimples that get really red. As for zits or blackheads or whiteheads, not so much as these lie deeper in the skin so I don’t think it works that deep down. But from what I gather overall it’s a product that would work for the majority.

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2 thoughts on “FEEL: Yes to tomatoes acne spot stick REVIEW

    • I’m not too sure how much it was, as it was a gift but ‘m pretty sure you can get them at David Jones if you live in australia. It’s great to target those spots, love it for that.


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