New shoes hurt, help me break into them..

I love buying new shoes, but they always just hurt after a few hours you’ve worn them, not when you initially try them out in the store and walk around, no, they’re fine, but until you’ve walked around in them a couple of hours you’re feet are just so sore by the end of the day and then you get the blisters plus the throbbing with the redness and it’s just ugly! And feet alone, gross. Feet plus redness plus blisters and swelling, double gross!

so pretty, but so painful, but not for long!

Black Imi Suede by Betts at $67.49

I get that shoes need to be broken into and mould to the shape of your feet but its painful. So sad, anybody have a shoe stretcher? They would be such a good investment especially for heels and these cute little pump wedges I just bought. It’s also weird because apparently our feet get bigger during the afternoon so I don’t even know.  Shoes you are just so lucky, you’re so pretty and all the styles and designs out there, ugh!

Alright so here are a couple of ways I try to break my shoes in..

  1. Walk around the house in your new pair of shoes, get used to them and if they start hurting, take them off and chuck on some slippers or something. (best way)
  2. If you’re going outside to hang laundry, wear those shoes, it’s only a very short distance from the backyard to the clothes line
  3. Get a guy to break them in for you, just an hour or two, just squeeze those feet in, no one will know, work in an office? Ask them just to slip it on under the desk, who looks at feet anyway?
  4. Pay 5 bucks and go get them stretched and leave it there overnight or a week

Calling out to you all, any other ways you know how I can break into my shoes, leave a comment I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW. The crazier the better!

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4 thoughts on “New shoes hurt, help me break into them..

  1. I have the same problem when i change into my summer shoes..all of my summer shoes start making me blisters because i don’t use ‘shocks’. It really sucks. I use baby oil on my feet so they are soft and I also apply of of it on the areas my shoes usually give me blisters. Also there are some anti-rubbing creams sold at boots that are good, I think dr. schols also makes some..


    • ohhh baby oil, I’ll try that, would of never occurred to me but yeahh I’ve tried some of the blister patches for the back of the feet, they’re okay some are too thick so it just squishes my feet in even more instead of relieving them.


  2. i know for figure skates you put them in the oven to get them really warm and them stick your feet in and let them cool so they re-mold around your feet. might work for boots or something… haha maybe not.


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