Losing weight isn’t just about being skinny and Yes to tomatoes pore scrub review

The other day I was given a health book and it talked a lot about how women go on numerous amounts of diets just to get skinny and in my opinion I think a lot of people out there forget that losing weight isn’t just about being skinny, but it’s about being healthy, it’s training your body to eat good foods and go for more healthier options, it’s about walking up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, it’s seeing the changes in yourself, getting out there and being more active.

With eating the right foods, you reap so many benefits especially for your skin. So okay, you might get the occasional red spot here and there on your face but I mean who doesn’t?

When you eat a lot of fruit, some vegetables and just A LOT less junk then you usually would, your skin just glows, believe it or not makeup can only do so much sometimes and people forget that. Sure we can give you that fake glow but wouldn’t you want to have a natural glow all the time?

One of the reasons I love winter is because my skin settles down so much. I don’t need to use that toner to get rid of the excess oil because there isn’t any, the only thing I need more of is moisturiser and even the oiliest skin gets dry, so moisturise away just choose a water based one instead of oil based.

I tweeted the other day that I was going to get some new products in to try and one of the products that came in was skin care. The brand Yes to tomatoes is all about skin and hair care products. The first product I’ve tried from this brand really surprised me. If you don’t know, I believe in giving every product out there a chance, if you could see my makeup kit, I have a lot of different brands, not all the time will you find one brand that will work well with every skin type or even trying to achieve a particular look.

Yes to tomatoes daily pore scrub

So the Yes to tomatoes daily pore scrub really worked for me in the sense that it got rid of the redness in a blemish that I had the other night. One of the reasons I was so excited to use this was for the fact that it helped eliminate redness faster and when reading that health book of mine, darker vegetables give more nutrients, like broccoli will always beat cauliflower and having lycopene-rich tomatoes (an antioxidant found in redder vegetables and fruits) in this product, I just knew this would be a great.

 However it does claim to unclog pores and make blackheads run for cover, with the pores I would say I haven’t seen any difference keeping in mind I’ve used this once last night and the most I can say for now is that the red blemish I had on my cheek has gone which really surprised me.

This pore scrub is made with natural ingredients and contains bisabolol and ginger which infused help to soothe irritated skin, reduce redness faster and calm inflammation and contain salicylic acid (found in all your cleansers) to help get rid of acne and unclog pores.

When using this, it was scent free and for me it was a mild face wash, it didn’t dry my skin but it definitely eliminated the redness on my skin so that’s a huge plus for me. Definitely will give this product a try for the next month to see how the pores are going but I’m liking it so far.

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