FEEL: NAK bio-marine complex surf styler for “beach hair” review

Here’s a thought guys, if you ever feel like making someone’s day, give them a gift unexpectedly. I love putting together little gift baskets for friends, it makes me feel so happy and will shock that person you give the gift to. I love it, random gift giveaways, I feel like making a random one right now. (Well there’s my random thought for the day)

Guess what I am going to be blogging about today?? Yeahh, it’s my hair again. I feel like I haven’t talked about my hair in a while because I got it cut short and haven’t had to go to a hairdresser in a while.

Alright so to all the ladies out there, this might be you, just keep reading.

Oh good morning hair, why don’t you look oh so flat and lack lusting, no volume, no shape, stubborn, won’t stay in place no matter how much hairspray I put, can’t find my teasing comb, can’t tease it, no oomph, why aren’t these curls sitting right, why does this side curl more than the other, why won’t you stay on this side not the other side fringe! And what’s with the frizz today.

Ever had that? Or some of them? I am not kidding you, the other day my hair was ALL that and bad hair day, that’s my definition right there.

Everything I tried was just not working for me, until dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn I tried this baby out.

NAK  bio-marine complex surf styler for “beach hair”

Oh hair products, sometimes you’re just amazing!

I LOVE this hair product right now, my hair has never felt and had so much volume in my entire medium to long hair existence.

What is it?

Think of it as a hairspray, without actually looking like there is hairspray in your hair. You know that shiny look that just looks rock hard? Not like that at all!

It’s a leave in sea salt styler (formulated with Australian sea salt) for all hair types which gives a natural texture throughout the hair.

Why I love it..

What I love about this is how it gives you that natural look without looking like you’ve gone overboard with the hair products. It gives so much texture and being a leave in styler, it allows you to play around with your hair, whether it be styling an up do or leaving it out for that messy beach look with tonnes of volume that looks so good!

I definitely love it when products claim something and it’s right and it works, this product does exactly what it says, creating texture through your hair, that looks natural and almost like you didn’t even try and it still looks amazing.

 It smells like..

Here’s a plus, for anyone who loves the smell of coconut, that’s what it smells like. A whole lot of coconut smelling hair, just don’t overdo it with the spraying because you don’t want to smell like a tropical fruit cocktail now and it’s great because you don’t even need too much of it.

Ways to use it…

Products that give the whole 2 in 1 benefit, is great. I’m not a big fan of hair products that are all like best used on towel dried hair, no, what if I don’t want to wash my hair or I don’t have time. I hate that.

So this is great for both, towel dried hair, just spray it through and let it dry naturally, or blow dry it to give it a bit more oomph loving volume. Or if your hair is dry spray it through to freshen your hairstyle or use it to hold down those frizz bits, (baby hair anyone?) or just to increase the texture even more.

Final thoughts, words, just stuff..

I so love this right now and for anybody who’s like me who has very thick hair at the bottom and lacks volume at the top, give this a go, I was definitely smiling so much that my cheeks hurt.

Happy 4th of July my USA lovers, I’m so sad, this time last year I was right there in LA for the 4th of July. Happy celebrating, think of me, it’ll be the 5th here  for me.

Love me? please..

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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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