SEE: L’oreal Paris powder blush review, loving these shades..

As I sort of promised, another blog today. Let’s see how long I can keep this going before I go MIA again. I absolutely love this cold weather, the trench coats, ugg boots, everything but getting sick, gross.

One of my favourite makeup applications for winter is blush. It always seems to give you that nice pop of colour when your skin is looking dull, especially when you get the colour match right for your skin tone.

Another one of my purchases I went a little bit crazy on was finding a blush that was inexpensive but still looked good and lasts long.

  • Here’s a tip…

A quick tip that I find really works is if you want your blush to last that much longer and give it more staying power, try first applying a cream blush to the apples of the check and blend it out, then after apply the powder blush on top of it.

[cheat sheet] I’ve even used my bright pink lipstick when I didn’t have cream blush on me, works just as well.

Blush when applied should look natural and be the colour your cheeks would usually turn when you’re out in the cold.

  • The brand and shades..

L’oreal Paris makes some beautiful powder blushes and when applying it, it looked natural and lasted me a good 6 hours before it started fading.

LEFT: 125 rose nude/nude pink TOP: 150 candy cane pink BOTTOM: 365 Nude brown RIGHT: 120 sandal wood pink

With L‘oreal Paris the blush collection was amazing, it had a variety of colours and made it so easy for you to match your skin tone to the colour of the blush. I’m not kidding it was that easy to pick up a blush that looked good for any skin tone.

For example, for fair skin tones, they had 2 types of rose coloured blush. One blush was slightly darker in a deep nude and the other a nice bright, earthy, pink colour. I thought this was so great, I see some people who overdo their makeup especially when it comes to blush and contouring the cheeks and I just want to wipe it all off  but I’ve always liked that natural look, maybe that’s just me.


two shades of pink for fair skin tones

  • Why I love it..

This blush collection made it so easy for me to find a blush colour and there were 2 types of pink for medium and dark skin tones as well.

cute little compact with your own blush brush and mirror, so convenient

The compact little case is so cute and so convenient. It’s got the powder blush, flip it open, it’s got a little mirror and a nice blush brush in there for you, so your quick touch ups are just so easy.

Did I also mention the staying power on this powder blush really surprised me. I definitely was not expecting it to last as long as a blush that I purchased from Shiseido or Clinique, it definitely proved me wrong and goes to show that all these products are about trial and error, not one brand will have every product perfect for that makeup look you’re going for.

  • Money time..

Alright don’t freak out but it’s your call if you think this is pricey or not. I personally think it is a bit pricey only because I bought so many to use on clients and having to have every different shade to match someone’s skin tone is important to me, I never want to go somewhere and say sorry I actually don’t have that colour to match your skin tone.

If this blush purchase is for personal use then I would say yes, it is worth it as it does come in a compact case including a mirror and blush brush and it’s for your own personal use.

The first 2 I got, I purchased at Target for around $16 discounted price at the time, original price I believe is about $25 give or take a dollar, which is a reasonable price compared to your other brands and then I walked into Priceline and it was buy 1 get 1 free so yeah I got another 2, come to think of it, I wish I got all the shades now.

If anything, just shop around or wait for sales if you don’t want to spend too much money, that’s my best advice. 

Let me know if this blog post was helpful to you and your blushing needs.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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