Long time no blog, well 3 weeks…

Why hi there blogging world, excuse me for this huge delay in blog posts for 3 weeks now, time got the better of me. In a nutshell I’ve just been so busy with makeup trials, was sick just a few days ago, working, catching up with friends and yeah playing computer games and 3 weeks later here I am, ready to blog.

At least in these 3 weeks I have a heap of new products ready to try out for you all so I mean it’s not that bad.

Okay so I think the best part of shopping is buying something useful, something that might be a bit pricey but is just so convenient.

I love shopping at wholesalers, they just have so much stuff and it’s heaps cheaper, especially if you find a store that is a wholesaler and a retailer, so great! Disposable mascara wands in bulk anyone? Yes please.

A lot of beauty supplies you find out there today can really substitute for some makeup tools.

brow beater

For example, I have a metal spatula that I use to dig out products like foundation and lipstick and concealer and all that but after every use, you’re going to have to wipe it before you dip it into another product. So say you were doing a bridal party by yourself and time is of the essence, little sticks that beauty therapists use for waxing the eyebrows can be really handy and so cheap, I got 100 pieces for $1.50. Once you’ve used it just throw it out, inexpensive and saves time.

It’s not always about having the right tool for a product. You don’t need a proper spatula to dig out your products, disposable paddle pop sticks can even work, ensuring they are clean of course. It’s about being smart about the tools you use and saving some money where it doesn’t need to be spent.

Another thing I got which I love and have been looking everywhere for is this liquid pump metal top. You’ve probably seen these in the nail salons for whenever you get acrylics done or whatever, it’s just a quick way to get the product out when you’re working with something that has a quick drying time.

Liquid pump metal top

For any of you sculpters out there, this is also great for putting the alcohol in there to help smooth out the clay without the alcohol just sitting there and giving you a headache you only need to pump it for the liquid to come out.

The reason I got this was so I could use it as my brush cleaner on makeup jobs when I have more than 2 people to do by myself. It’s just so convenient and makes it so much easier when you’re in a rush. It’s really easy to use, you just pour in your brush cleaner and secure the lid and pump the lid, you’ll find that it’ll leave a little pool of liquid on top for you to easily dip your brush into it and when you need more, just pump it. The best part is once you’ve pumped that liquid out, it doesn’t go back in, so no need to worry about it getting contaminated.

the lid

And if any of you were wondering this was super cheap I picked it up for $7.95.

Until next blog post, hopefully tomorrow. =) have a great day.

LOVE LOVE LOVE caroline.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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