Dear Diary: When customers are rude…

Dear world,

Who needs friends to vent to when you can just blog about it? I’m kidding! I love my friends but sometimes they’re busy and I need someone to talk to and I’m sad so I’m going to tell you all what happened today.

For anybody who works in retail, I’m sure you’ve dealt with this. Of course like any job it’s going to have its ups and downs but here’s the thing, I actually like retail despite what some people might think of it. I enjoy it, my customers are great especially the mature ones, great stories and I’m not being sarcastic.

Today really made me upset and I’m not going to lie, everybody’s temper is going to flare up here and there, but I was having a good day until this lady started giving me attitude.

It started off fine, I greeted her, I asked if she needed any help, I showed her 2 different sizes of clothing, which one would be a better fit for her daughter, it was going great until we got to the checkout. She decided to buy the 2 pieces of clothing and instead of being 2 for $15, which was for the children’s size, it was 2 for $20 (ladies size). I told her that because this is no longer a children’s size, the price is different.

She was fine with it and she was like “Oh okay next time I have to ask the price beforehand” and I was like okay, but the sign with the price on it was right there, she saw it that’s why she was confused with the change I gave her, instead of giving her $35 change I gave her $30 from a 50. I went off to do something else and within a few seconds I’m talking 10 seconds she totally just lost it on me.

She started from being calm and understanding to raising her voice and saying, “Excuse me, I thought it was 2 for $15 because then where I live I can go buy it for the same price and I don’t want to buy this from you and I want my money back, so I’m going to give it back to you and you give me my money!” I was like okay, nodding my head, yeah, bring it back (because her daughter took it somewhere) and I’ll give your money back.

She started walking off and mumbling to herself giving me a death stare may I just add.

Because that is such a HUGE problem she had to get THAT mad. My head hurts thinking about it.

I was so shocked because it was fine, I totally did not get where the attitude came from, I was fine with the whole refunding of the money but it was the way she said it. She could have just said, Oh sorry, I’ve changed my mind, is it alright if I can get a refund. Seriously it’s all about the delivery. If you don’t want people to be rude to you, then don’t be so rude to start off with.

I’m so proud of myself though, because I think if it was me 1 year ago, I would be yelling back at her because she started yelling at me, but I kept my cool and it’s just a real shame that people don’t understand that it doesn’t matter what job you have, you should treat everybody with respect and speak in a calm manner. I get that working in retail you are the customer, but I’m a human being too, I just might be a bit more lady like than you.

Okay I’m done venting now, thanks for reading guys, I feel better. =) Just remember, if you ever get a rude customer BE CALM (I know it’s hard) but it totally makes them second guess themselves and realise that they’re being really rude and if not, they’re most likely having a bad day.

And by the way, can we all just be a little bit nicer to one another. Dealing with negative people just makes me feel so bad about myself.


9 thoughts on “Dear Diary: When customers are rude…

  1. I guess it’s just easy to be rude with someone random..don’t take it personally sweety** better happier days will come..Btw I’m always super sweet with everyone and not everyone smiles back..but I keep on smiling 🙂


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