FEEL: OPI natural nail base coat

Soooooooo following off my last blog, I’m a little nail inspired this weekend. P.s don’t do the gardening with long nails, dirt just gets under them so bad, it’s gross.

Last blog I talked about applying a base coat before you apply your nail polish, so following that I wanted to give you guys a little something something about OPI natural nail base coat.

OPI natural nail base coat

Ever since spending a bit too much money on nail polishes I kind of spent a little bit more before I stopped because I have so many colours, but if there’s a nice colour I see and don’t have I’ll probably get it. =) Nail polishes are like shoes to me, they look good, I want them, I get them. I’m sure most of you have done the same, I’m so not a loner on this one. I refuse to believe it.

My last nail polish purchase was something every nail lover needs. A base coat.

Base coats are great, since I’ve started using them, my nail polish lasts a couple of days longer before I have to take it off. Chipped nail polish, gross. It pretty much lasts me a good week, then I take it off anyways. If you read the last blog, nail polishes on your fingernails should be changed every week.

OPI natural base coat is great.

Why I love it…

–        It creates a barrier from my nails to the nail polish, this way I don’t have to worry about those unwanted stained nails

–        It’s a natural nail base coat. You know how you get your nails buffed and polished and it has that natural shine. Apply one coat of this and it gives your nails that natural shine without needing to buff and polish it.

–        It also helps nail polish stay on longer.

–        It goes on clear and blends into your nail even though it looks slightly pink in the bottle

The price..

OPI is known for long lasting polishes and I wouldn’t say expensive but it’s worth it for a base and top coat. You want something that will last you at least a week before changing it. I got mine for $12.95, just shop around.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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