Nail tips.. literally.

Alright so the week is over, weekend here we come, a lot of you probably have plans to go out and get all prettied up. (Wow I can’t believe prettied is a word I was expecting spell check to come in there.)

But one of the things I like to do when I’m out for the weekend, is to do my nails. Nail polish is that one product where you just can’t go wrong or regret like a bad haircut or a fake tan gone so wrong you look like an orange m&m. If you don’t like the colour you chose, just wipe it off and start again and what’s even better sometimes nail polishes are on sale. Chemist bargain bins anyone?

It’s so important and a lot of ladies out there don’t do it, even nail salons.

Stained finger nails is something we all do not want and it happens because you don’t apply a base coat to your fingernails, the pigment of the colour is too strong and penetrates through your nails if left on too long.

Just a tip for you all about your nails this weekend or whenever you’re wearing some nail polish,

–         Always put a base coat on, this will help prevent the colour staining your nails and it even helps your polish last a bit longer too.

–        Change the colour of your nail polish on your fingernails every week and every two weeks for your toenails.

–        Apply your top coat to the very tips of your fingernails to avoid them chipping. (Calling all compulsive texters like me, this works a treat!)

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