SEE: Inglot freedom system palette

I use this product everyday or when I go out and it hasn’t occurred to me to blog about this. Sometimes when you just see things that are in front of you every single day, you forget that they’re even there.

Okay so trip to LA last year for IMATS, I bought so much stuff from brands we don’t even have here in Australia unless you buy online and we all know by now I am so not an online shopper.

What I really love is eye makeup. You can get so creative with eye makeup, the different coloured eye shadows and designs you can do, it’s basically unlimited. I also think the reason why I love eye makeup so much is because the first thing you will notice when meeting somebody are their eyes. Looking someone straight in the eyes shows confidence and of course having amazing eye makeup helps too.

I purchased the Freedom system palette by Inglot when I was at IMATS and it was crazy just to tell the person what I wanted, there were so many people at the Inglot stand and honestly now I know why.

Inglot – Freedom system 40 palette, matte shades

I had in my kit already so many vibrant colours that were matte and I also had a lot of shimmery shadows too and the one thing I needed was earthy matte colours from the nudes to the browns. I needed A LOT of that.

What is it?

So the Freedom system is where they provide you with an empty palette where you can choose the colours of the shadows that you want to put in, it’s basically like customizing your own palette. To be honest, with that many people there and with other stuff I wanted to see I just said get me all those colours in the matte shades that you have on offer and bag it for me.

The refills are magnetised and so is the palette, so refilling and
changing your eye shadow colours around has never been easier.

I was able to get 40 different shades all on one palette which was really great for me, the only thing is it’s kind of heavy but whatever right?

  • So, maybe you don’t need THAT many eye shadows, that’s fine they have palettes with 20 spots, with 2, 3 ,4 or 5 and 10 and you can either get the square or rounded eyeshadows.
  • Maybe you just want a palette for yourself that you can put your blush, eyeshadow and some pressed powder into it, they have that too.

One of the great things about the Freedom System is what the name entitles, freedom. Freedom to choose the products that are most suited for you.

Why I love it..

I thought this was really practical, once you’ve finished with a shadow because it’s all magnetized you can simply replace it by getting the same colour or something else. (Think a Z palette but just designed for Inglot shadows) They were wrapped up individually so as you can place the colours the way you wanted to place them on your palette.

Like my set out of the colours?

Sort the colours out however you like, I put mine in like this.

The lid is also magnetized so all you have to do is slide it off, which I thought was pretty nifty, it just makes makeup more fun.

Simply slide the lid off! BONUS TIP: Use the
magnets on the lid to help get the refills
out once they’re finished

The different size palettes they have and the variety and colours of the eye shadows, pretty much makes your choices unlimited.

Money, Money, Money!

Okay guys want to know the price I got this amazing palette for? Of course you do!

I got it for $137 US that is.  Umm bargain beyond belief! This included the palette and 40 different eye shadows.

I definitely know though here for my Australian viewers it’s not going to be that price at all, I’m pretty sure it’s about $50 for the 40 palette and $10 each for the refill eye shadow, don’t quote me on that but I definitely got a good deal at IMATS, LA that is.

Let’s do some swatches..

The reason though the Inglot stand was pretty crazy, even for the IMATS in Sydney, not as crazy as LA but, this is a really good brand for eye shadow.

The colours are so pigmented and it has that strong and bold colour we all love, and it’s better to have a pigmented shadow compared to one that is not, so it won’t take you forever trying to build up that colour. Don’t worry if you’ve gone overboard with an eye shadow that is high in pigment, simply soften it with some loose translucent powder.

Here are some swatches, keeping in mind I swiped my finger once over the shadow then onto my arm.

Left to right: Matte 391, Matte 326, Matte 324, Matte 368, Matte 319, Matte 361

 The ONE DOWNSIDE, sort of..

The only downside that annoys me about this is I can’t get the refill out sometimes. This might not even be a problem for you but for me trying to get it out and move it somewhere else when it’s still full, my biggest fear. I just don’t want to damage it. (found this out when I was trying to take it out and see what the refill was called for the swatches and then I just used my tweezers to get it out, sometimes I just surprise myself.)

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