FEEL: Shiseido bio performance super eye contour cream review and some quick tips

Let’s say you’ve had a really long day of doing whatever, be it housework, or work and if you’re anything like me, your eyes just get super tired after a long day.

I love the days where I can just stay at home and clean the house (it relaxes me for some reason, I like when things are clean, it makes everything feel fresh), it’s also the time where I don’t wear any makeup at all! I don’t know about the rest of you but sometimes I need that pop of mascara just to make me look awake and not like I’m about to fall asleep.

I discovered yesterday that sometimes when your eyes look tired and you feel that you need that bit of eye makeup, the skin around your eyes are just dry and they need some moisture to re energise them.

Shiseido bio performance super eye contour cream, don’t forget this is a sample size ONLY!

I didn’t use my normal face cream but rather an eye contour cream by Shiseido. Shiseido bio-performance super eye contour cream to be exact.

I applied a little bit of this to my eyes as I received a sample after my mum bought a crazy amount of Shiseido products.

I was so surprised with this and how much it just re energized my eyes, the dullness around my eyes just disappeared and it really woke my eyes up.

The benefits of this eye contour cream is that it’s meant to help reduce wrinkles, dark circles and dullness and overall moisturize and re energise the skin.

Shiseido bio performance super eye contour cream

There have been some reviews out there where people have said that it makes the eyes a lot puffier than before, however I do have naturally puffy eyes especially those bags under my eyes (hello concealer!) but for me personally it didn’t accentuate the puffiness, if anything it just looked healthier. Think of dry skin on your hands and when you apply moisturiser to that dry area, you see the benefits, there’s more moisture and therefore your skin looks healthier and smooth. That’s how it was for my eyes.

Still being a young girl, wrinkles, they haven’t happened just yet but I do have some little lines near the inner corner of my eyes where the bags are (most probably from stretching the skin in that area) and after applying this once at night and just then this morning, the lines have definitely made themselves less prominent and I’m still pretty amazed.

Alright so review over, I just wanted to share some quick tips on applying eye cream.

The way you apply face cream is completely different to applying eye cream. With eye cream, you should always use your ring finger. Place a small amount of eye cream to the tip of your ring finger and first apply to the top lids working from the inner corner out. Then going under the eye working from the outer corner of your eye in.

The reason for doing it this way is you’re less likely to stretch the skin around your eyes, remember skin around the eyes are delicate and the reason for using your ring finger to apply is you’ll find that there is less pressure being applied using your ring finger than any other finger you use.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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