Some tips on kohl, liquid and gel eyeliners

Oh eyeliner, I mean come on who doesn’t love it. Eyeliner just puts that finishing touch to your eye makeup.

When I do my eyes, I like to put mascara on both the top and the bottom and with that I apply some eyeliner through the top lashes and the bottom lashes to fill in the tiny gaps and it gives your eyes that more defined look and that extra pop.

The downside, a kohl pencil eyeliner isn’t going to last you all day.

Kohl eyeliners, come in a variety of colours and they’re great for lining the bottom lash line with your favourite colour, try some blue on the lower lash line if you have brown eyes.

Kohl eyeliner, crayon – Kohl in the colour mousse

–        With kohl eyeliner, they are very easy to blend due to their creamy and smooth texture. Doing a smokey eye for the night, apply kohl liner first to the base of your lids and blend it out. Adding that kohl liner first before you apply the shadow, intensifies the colour.

–        Always apply concealer or foundation to your eyes when you’re working with kohl eyeliners and don’t forget to powder them lightly, it’s just easier to blend that way.

If you want some longer lasting eyeliner try:

Liquid liners, these are great for the top of your eyelids and drawing that little cat eye flick at the end.

Liquid eyeliner, by Missha The style colour eyeliner in black

Never put liquid liner on the bottom lash line, they look best on top.

–        liquid liners as their name suggests, is wet and you need to allow that dry time before you open your eyes as it’ll smudge.

–        Can’t seem to get that exact straight line every time you apply liquid liner to the top, wait until the liner has dried and then use a cotton tip to buff away any mistakes.

Gel eyeliners, these are one of my favourites at the moment. They just last that much longer and like liquid liners they’re quite smudge proof.

Gel eyliner, by Lilan Vital extreme wear in black

–        Gels are very smooth in texture and glides on well.

–        It has more of a silkier feel to it compared to liquid liners

–        You can apply gel eyeliners to the top AND the bottom of your eyes as it has a softer finish.

With any eyeliner application especially on your top lids, make sure you lift the skin of your eyes so you can get the colour right to the base of your top lash line.

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