Dear diary: Are we too tech savvy to own a typewriter?

I have this fascination with vintage things, whether it is clothing, tea sets, anything really. The weird thing about me is I appreciate a lot of vintage stuff but at the same time I would never wear vintage clothing well if it was a hat then I would ( my love of hats, a whole different story)

Everytime I would shop with my best friend she would take me to these awesome vintage shops that she knew of and we would spend AGES in the store and just get to know the owner and the history of their accessories and whatever they had in there.

Okay so we all know by now I like writing. And computers yayyy! You’ve been so great to me except when this wireless keyboard spazzes out on me and viruses etc etc, but what I’ve wanted for a really long time now is a typewriter. You know? The really old school ones and where you have to move the paper and not make a mistake because then you’ve got to start again. I LOVE!  There’s something so personal about writing out a letter to somebody on a typewriter as opposed to a computer because then you just email it, whereas a typewriter, you can send it to someone by snail mail or really personalize it as a part of a gift to somebody.

I don’t know guys I just really want one and start clicking away on it.

Maybe something like this..

LOVE LOVE LOVE this typewriter!

Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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