FEEL: De Lorenzo Elements extinguish thermal protection spray, and yep it’s about my hair.. again.

I haven’t done a review in a while come to think of it, seriously I am obsessed with this high tea party, it’s all I ever talk about. I apologise.

So when I have massive family get togethers or see friends that I haven’t seen in a while, they always say something about my hair. If you don’t know I got it cut about a month ago now and my hair has already grown like 3 cm already, it’s ridiculous. I went from long to just above my shoulders and then I got a wavy perm to give it a bit more style.

I run pretty much everyday in the sun and I don’t like wearing hats when I’m running because of the sweat and the heat on my head. Gross

On top of that, I use my hair straightener just to curl areas that need more of a wavy definition, like the fringe so I can flick it back and make it look very 50’s.

I wanted to dye my hair an ash blonde a while back because I felt it was time for a change and I was so sick of my hair colour, but thanks to the sun, it’s turning a light brown and that’s what I get all the time from people, your hair is so light what did you do to it, and to that I reply, nothing, it’s from running in the sun.

I never thought it was a problem, I think my hair can pretty much withstand a lot, but my cousin the other day commented and said how dry it looked which was pretty upsetting to hear. I definitely think the perm took a toll on my hair as well with all the chemicals and yeah.

So I picked up De Lorenzo Elements extinguish thermal protection spray.

De Lorenzo Elements extinguish thermal protection spray, by the way it only costed me $19.95


I just needed something to protect my hair from the heat of the sun and my hair straightener.

To be very honest and truthful with all of you, I really don’t see too much of a difference when I use any heat protection spray. Not to say that it doesn’t work, I definitely still want to use it. Just because I don’t feel a difference doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t working.

I used a different brand prior to this one and I think they all work pretty much the same. My hair isn’t as damaged maybe that’s why I don’t really see too much happening you could say.

However in saying that, my hair is definitely a lot more smoother and silkier feeling if that helps anybody, definitely spray this one before I blow dry my hair (which is rarely) or before I go out for a run in the sun or before I use my hair straightener.

And just for all you curious ones out there to give this review a bit more it lists that:

–        Conditioning properties smooth and control unruly hair

–        Contains certified organic ingredients

–        Provides natural UV protection (that’s why I got it)

–        It’s also  natural based, ph balanced and the packaging is recyclable

–        And of course recommended by hairdressers and not tested on animals, which is always a plus.

Until next post, come follow my other blog at http://lalalinee.blogspot.com and we’ll see what I blog about it next, maybe it’ll be about tea.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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