The tea diaries: Look at my super cute new tea set!

I used to be such an impulse buyer (that’s when I didn’t care about saving), but now I do so I’m really you know, do I really need this and if I get it, will I use it and when will I use it and is it something I would use more than once, is it worth it, do I need it right now, oh you well budgeted people out there, I wish I was you.

But regardless, I needed something up for my tea diaries series and I’m so excited about this high tea I’m going to throw towards the end of the year, so yesterday I bought a super cute tea set.

Every week I would go into that store and just stay there and wonder should I get it now or later. I always decided on later, so when I went in yesterday I was disappointed that not that it was sold out but it was the last little tea set left and there was one teacup missing and some teacups were chipped and it just wasn’t worth it, I mean who wants to buy cracked/ chipped crockery that isn’t even a complete set. It was super cute, it was mini sized with little saucers, come to think of it I should have taken a photo, so silly. I was just so upset. I thought the mini teacups would be a good addition to the set out of my high tea, I want to have a variety of teas on the table, so the mini tea cups could be used as little testers and if they liked it, they could pour themselves a full cup.

My rose gold coloured tea set, this is the box it came in, so cute

Instead I went to a different store and found a similar tea set normal sized you could say for the same price at $20 well she discounted it for me, because nobody was really buying it, umm why would you not? sometimes my logic just doesn’t match others.

I’m really happy with this one it’s definitely something I would pull out if I had guests over and most of my friends are lovers of tea, well at least I force them to drink it because it’s just so yum! And I bake them muffins so they have to have some tea with that. English breakfast all the way, with milk.

So I took some photos, (like my set up?) just need to wash these now and put them in a cupboard somewhere.

6 saucers and 6 teacups, do you guys like my setup?

the teacup

I’m loving the detailing on the saucer and teacup and the colours make it look so elegant.

the saucer

Next move, I need to get a teapot or two or three or I don’t know we’ll see.

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6 thoughts on “The tea diaries: Look at my super cute new tea set!

    • oh my gosh, you are so right! I love it, it is SO super super cute! haha, aww you gave me such a great idea now, I’ve always loved anything UK themed and those polka dots, who doesn’t like polka dots. Thanks so much for the link, you’re so sweet.


      • aww it is no problem, I love the plate set as well and the cake stand but I want the kettle the most, when I am no longer living in a shared Uni house I so want it for my house. It’s sad how amazing I find it that it looks like a teapot yet its an electric kettle. Glad you liked it 🙂


      • definitely, I would say get it all the way. It’d be so cute when you have people over and serve them using it. absolutely love it. thanks again. =)


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