True or False? it’s about nails.

Is it true that the reason we wear nail polish isn’t just for the pretty colours and designs but we’re actually trying to hide the fact that our nails have dirt and grime under them?

I have no idea where this came from, it’s been years since I spoke to this particular girl at school about it and I don’t know I saw something to do with nails and it just triggered my memory (ever get that?) Anyway, we were talking about nail polish and I told her I love it, it’s so pretty and she agreed, but then she told me she only wore it because dirt would get under her nails and she wouldn’t be bothered cleaning it, so she covered it up with nail polish, genius right. Uhhh no! First of all GROSS! And second EWW!

I didn’t believe her because I like keeping things neat and tidy, I’m just a very clean freak you could say, my friends say paranoid I say they lie, but whatever.

It wasn’t until one day she was taking off her nail polish and it was pretty gross. You know how you get that dirt under your nails sometimes, it was all under her nails and that’s when it hit me that she wasn’t lying that the only reason she wore nail polish was to cover that up.

Since then I haven’t met anyone that has said that to me, I just found that interesting and let’s leave it at that.


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