Dear diary: I’m writing a book!

Soo yeah did I tell you guys I’m writing a book?

I have absolutely no idea where this year is taking me, last year I was studying I had work experience in films and photo shoots, I travelled to LA last year for IMATS there, special workshops learning from the best and the experienced, it was also the first time I went overseas. Last year was a great year for me, I was busy I was studying and practicing something that I loved.

This year though, I felt a lot was going to change, it was the year that my life would sort of get started if you get me. This year has definitely been about growing up and figuring out what I really want to do and make some serious decisions that would affect the rest of my life.

I had absolutely no idea that this blog would be doing this well, or the fact that I was even going to start blogging, a huge surprise for me and a happy one too. It’s something I definitely look forward doing, chucking my thoughts out there and sharing some makeup and beauty tips we all love and of course this crazy world we call life in there as well.

So as a part of wanting to become not just a good makeup artist, or a great one, not just an ordinary one but I want to be amazing. I feel even though yeah okay I have my certificate I’m qualified to do make up, but I was only taught basics and I think there is a huge difference between getting your certificate in makeup and being a makeup artist.

A makeup artist puts in that effort, they give that bit more, I’m not talking you just do amazing makeup I’m talking about everything, the whole deal. Skin care, skin prepping, knowing your skin types, knowing what products suit what person, how to deal with contra-indications, recognizing every contra-indication there is out there, the ingredients found in makeup and beauty products, what is it made of or what is it in general, understanding the skin’s pH balance, oil and water based products, face shapes, corrective work, eye shapes, the use of lighting and how it will affect your makeup, black and white photography, seriously I could go on.

There’s so much we need to know about makeup, it’s not as simple as slapping on concealer and foundation, it’s about what products can we use to get that makeup to last longer to work for you. I think that’s why I was definitely turned off doing makeup on film sets, people are really mean and they treated makeup artists like we were nothing, that we’re all about being pretty and if only people could see what I see and that is every element in a film set needs to work harmoniously with one another and it’s a shame, it was great experience, but it was shocking, I know rude but that took rude to another level. You’d be surprised at how bad that would make you feel.

I want to be that makeup artist where people ask me anything and I’ll have an answer for them right away. I want to be able to fix problems on the spot and not to be afraid of what if they don’t like the look I do for them. So yeah because of ALL that (sorry about the rant, couldn’t help myself) I’m writing a makeup guide book, everything you need to know and more. Another project for me but it all works to becoming an extraordinary makeup artist, that and even if it doesn’t get anywhere it’s my makeup guide, I’ve put a lot of effort into it and learnt so much along the way.

Right now I’m still on chapter 1, all about skin care, there is a lot to it but I feel like I know even more now.

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