Cold weather = moisturisers x 100

Wow I’m on a roll, well not really but whatever second makeup/beauty tip in a row, yayyyy!

So right now, it’s so cold and when there is cold weather about, there’s that windburn we all hate, there’s the dry and cracked skin that nobody wants and our skin just needs twice as much moisture than it normally would. I’m pretty sure you bring out twice as many products during the winter than the summer. Well at least I do. Honestly, I can’t count how many times I’ve pulled out my lip balm or hand cream today, this weather is taking a serious toll on my skin.

Now who doesn’t love a nice long bath or a hot shower after a long day of whatever you happen to be doing. I admit, when it gets really cold, I love a good hot shower, who doesn’t.

So here’s a little tip to keep that moisture in your skin right after one has bathed themselves.

My face gets really dry after cleansing it or just getting out of the shower, so once you’ve washed your face,

–        Pat dry with a towel and grab some of your favourite face moisturiser and first rub it between your palms and then pat it down onto your skin. Doing it this way, really helps to lock in that moisture and doesn’t irritate the skin like it would if you slapped on some moisturiser and rubbed it all over your face really quickly. Trust me I’ve seen people do that.


–        Don’t forget the skin on our face is delicate especially around the eye area so take care and be gentle with your skin. (why else do you think we have moisturisers just for the face or just for the body, it’s not a money making scheme, we need both) and

–        Always moisturize after you shower, especially hot showers. Let’s keep skin nice and silky smooth feeling this season. Technically it’s autumn here, but it feels like winter.

And for all you in the northern hemisphere, your turn will come when it gets this cold.

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