Because we all have eyebrows..

..some just more plentiful than others.

Okay so checking the history of my blog, it hasn’t really turned out like what I expected it to be, I originally loved the idea of putting my thoughts out there but more makeup and beauty focused.

Since that idea kind of failed, I just, I get really side tracked okay. Sad face. Life just happens and problems, drama, I’m not going to lie people do some really weird things and I just can’t help but blog about it and things that I find funny or cool or weird it all goes up nowadays. (I mean come on I just introduced a series called the tea diaries, talk about being side tracked)

But it’s okay, I’m happy either way but to try and get some makeup and beauty related stuff back into my blog here’s a little tip I came up with the other day.

So for myself post makeup I like to call it when I didn’t know anything but slapping on foundation for that flawless look, that’s all I would really do. Foundation, some mascara and eyeliner going on and that’s it. No blush, no contouring just whatever was really quick and easy to do. Now that I know a bit more, well A LOT more my makeup application is more structured.

I don’t know how many of you out there fill in your eyebrows, I for one never use to do it because I didn’t think I needed to, my eyebrows have a pretty good shape.

Okay so there are the brow pencils that people use or you can just use some eye shadow.  I prefer using eye shadow the only downside is it doesn’t last all day, we’re all about foundation needing to last a good while but what about your eyebrows especially if you’ve applied something there already.

So when you’re brushing some shadow through your brows, here are some tips:

–        After you put on your foundation be it with a brush or wedge, brush some of that foundation over your eyebrows. This will help the shadow to stick onto something and for you to get that stronger, fuller brow look that is so in right now.

The Body Shop Brow & Lash gel

–        Or, brush over your brows with your foundation and apply some clear brow gel, (I use The Body Shop brow & lash gel) over the hairs of your brows. This helps to comb your brows through and sets them in place. You’ll find that the gel is a little bit sticky, so brush through some shadow through your brows to fill in any gaps or extend them that little bit more. You’ll find that the shadow lasts that much longer than it would if you didn’t apply any foundation or brow gel there.

–        Or you can always get yourself a brow mascara, they come in heaps of colours, but I like doing it the other ways, it makes makeup more fun.

And PLEASE remember, if you’re brushing shadow through your brows, comb it out! It helps to spread that shadow through your brows evenly and looks a lot more natural without people looking at you like what is going on with your overdrawn eyebrows.

Brow comb, they come in smaller lengths too, talk about convenience at your fingertips

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2 thoughts on “Because we all have eyebrows..

  1. Thanks so much for this post. With a recent hairdye mishap, I’m having to do a little more work on the brows to get everything to “match up” better. It’s very helpful!


    • aww I’m glad it helps. I miss giving out tips that people haven’t heard about and it sucks to hear about your hair mishap, honestly as girls, how much more do we need to do.


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