Dear diary: Look at what I bought shopping part 2

Part 2 here we go, I have literally spent hours on organising my beauty and makeup products, chucking things in boxes that I don’t need, making room to store some of the ridiculous products I have going on here. I am so tired right now.

Okay third purchase for that shopping trip was this cute little journal set I picked up at Kmart for $5.

journal set

I’ve wanted a journal for ages now, I love writing so something I could just scribble my thoughts into and keep it just for myself to look back and reflect on, very old school but I love it.

Obviously blogs right now are great places for putting your thoughts out there, but sometimes nothing beats taking a journal and a pen and going outside on a beautiful, sunny day and sitting on a bench in a park or a garden, somewhere peaceful and just enjoy the art of writing. At least that’s how I see it.

Definitely can’t wait to start writing in this, it comes with a journal, a notepad and a matching pen and it’s got a picture of New York! (oh New York, one day I will visit you)

Fourth purchase is a goody, this was the reason for my shopping trip.

I’ve got a pretty good system of where I store my brushes and my products, but I thought it was time for a change, get rid of the old, in with the new. Know what I mean?

So here I got a Compaca storage box, as it is called.

Compaca storage box

I was immediately sold on this because of where you could store the brushes and the 2 layer shelves. I’m looking at it right now and the reason I’m so tired is because I have way too many products, it’s so full I’m really surprised with how much I could fit into it and it just makes things look so much more neater.

Fifth buy was storage for my cosmetics and it was this cosmetic organiser.

cosmetic organiser

This is just so handy and I actually should mention I purchased this and the compaca storage box at Target, I think that’s why I got it because it was sort of similar to the first one but I wanted it, I didn’t even think do I really need this, I just saw it picked it up and paid for it.

One side of this you can store brushes, moisturisers and on the other side your lipsticks, your eye primers anything you want that fits into it. Love it.

Finally last purchase of the day and yes from target again and it’s a lipstick organiser, this was so cheap $3.50. Holds up to 9 lipsticks and I thought this would be great to have on makeup jobs with me or just to store the lipsticks I have that I use more of.

lipstick organiser

Very satisfied with the purchases I bought for this shopping trip and I didn’t even spend over $100.


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