Dear diary: Look at what I bought shopping part 1

This shopping trip for me has been a long time coming, I’ve been dying to spend some money on just anything (besides beauty products, but only if I really really need it), so because of that, instead of buying beauty or makeup products or shoes or clothes I bought some pretty random but things I’ve wanted to buy for a while or 2 days ago because I saw it was on sale in a catalogue.

I think I’ll break this post into two parts, only because I don’t want it to be so long that you can’t be bothered reading it anymore, people who get distracted really easily (me) I’m talking to you.

First buy, well, it was a train ticket but that doesn’t count.

I think it’s because I haven’t been shopping in so long that I had absolutely no idea these even existed until I read someone’s blog (I’m so sorry I forget who).

They’re Formula 10.0.6 face masks in little sachets and because I use one of their cleansers I wanted to give their face masks a try.

Formula 10.0.6 face masks sachets

I just want to say though a quick pro and con with these things, great if you want a quick and inexpensive test run with these because you’ve never used their product before, but when you really think about it, and if you’re a magazine purchaser lover like me, I’m pretty sure they use these as free giveaways in magazines at times. Not necessarily this brand but the amount you get to try it out, it’s kind of like another way the company makes more money.

No review yet, probably will give the orange one a try tonight and get a review up sometime this week.

Second purchase: A gift box high tea set!!

This is the cutest thing ever, ever since the idea of wanting a high tea party, I’ve just been spotting tea sets everywhere I go!

I swear this is so super cute I love it and it only costed me 20 bucks. It comes with a 48 page recipe book, 24 cupcake holders, ahhh a TEA strainer!!!!! And of course a 3 tier cake stand.

high tea gift box set

Now the cake stand is just cardboard but you know what, I only need it for that high tea party of mine and it can just be on display for all I care. The tea strainer is a cute little bargain, re useable, dish washable, stainless steel, so appropriate for this high tea.

recipe book, tea strainer & cupcake holders

3-tier cake stand

You know I’m just so excited the book talks about the history of tea, recipes for the cutest cupcakes in the world plus scones, cookies, umm cocktails anyone, probably more like mocktails, sandwiches, YUM! And on top of that high tea serving etiquette, I mean who doesn’t want to know about that.

Very very excited and happy, walked out of the store with the biggest grin on my face.

Okay so I’m going to end it here and post up part 2 tomorrow or something.

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7 thoughts on “Dear diary: Look at what I bought shopping part 1

  1. Yeay you bought them! It’s not much but at least you can decide if you want to buy the tube!! I like the high tea kit very cute!


    • Yeahh i did, omg it was your blog I was reading, sorry I forgot. Haven’t tried it yet, but I was like it’s only $2 I can spare that. lol and thanks I’m loving everything tea related at the moment.


      • No worries, I hope you like them. I wish they had more samples available for beauty products for sale, it would make like easier!!!


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