SEE: Modelco Lash Fibres review

Alright so I recently got my hands on another mascara, I’m sorry I can’t help it to be honest I think of it as an investment for my blog if whenever I buy something I can blog about it, I’m showing you guys some love from me to you.

For IMATS last year there was this whole craze about longer lashes with no mascara, the secret? Fibres. I just remember being like I really want longer lashes I want to try this fibre lash thing out but my friend stopped me because she thought it was lame and I was just like there’s nothing lame about wanting longer lashes.

Modelco has a mascara called Fibre Lash and to be honest with you all I was extremely excited to try this product out (being a mascara lover and all).

Modelco lash fibre mascara

Unfortunately it’s not as great as I anticipated it to be. When you think wow adding fibres to your lashes they must look extra long and flirty and fluttery looking, that sort of kind of didn’t happen.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s a great mascara but when I got it, I expected AMAZING STAND OUT lashes and it was kind of almost there but not really and to be truthful my Maybelline Falsies mascara works a lot better and application heaps quicker especially when you’re in a rush.

But because I believe in giving every makeup product out there a chance, If you do decide to purchase this particular mascara just don’t expect it to have that WOW factor.

Modelco lash fibre mascara

So application is really easy but can be a bit of a pain because I’m so paranoid about having my mascara open for too long with the air getting in and drying up the mascara quicker I literally close it everytime I have to switch to apply the fibres.

So to give you an insight on how to apply this,

extension mascara in black

Lash fibres

Step 1: Apply the extension mascara FIRST, don’t chuck a me and not read the instructions. I put the fibres on first and DUH where would you expect it to go but in your eyeball because it has nothing to stick to.

Step 2: Apply the lash fibres to the mascara already on

Step 3: Re apply that extension mascara to the lash fibres and you’re done.

You might think it’s that simple and yeah it is, it’s just if you’re anything like me and being paranoid about mascara drying out, I closed the lid on that mascara everytime I had to swap it around to use the lash fibres and then back to the extension mascara.

Props for a makeup product that’s compact and versatile but for me personally, it gets annoying when you’re in a rush.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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