A tip for all you mascara lovers out there

I love being the makeup guru around my group of friends, they ask me the funniest questions and do the funniest things when it comes to makeup.

This post is dedicated to my good friend who is a makeup purist you could say, so no makeup worn hardly ever, only on super super special occasions and of course when she lets me practice makeup looks on her.

I love mascara, one of my favourite makeup products out there and I could never understand why some girls wouldn’t wear JUST mascara because to me sometimes that’s just all you need. So I put on mascara for my friend whilst I was doing a makeup look and she told me she doesn’t like wearing mascara and to that I replied, WHY????? and WHAT??? She said that she didn’t like taking it off because it was such a chore and it got everywhere and left black marks around her eyes and I laughed because it was so cute and funny.

So here’s how I take off my mascara and if you’re anything like my friend try it this way.

–        Take a makeup removal cotton pad and put your eye makeup remover on it

–        If you have eye shadow on wipe from the inner corner out and then when you get to your lashes, eyes closed and roll downwards on your lashes, this helps to break the seal of the mascara and it won’t go everywhere.

Hope this helps makeup purists everywhere and if you didn’t know, well there you go. That’s another way to do it.

Another quick tip: Sometimes your eye makeup remover can substitute for lipstick removal too.


3 thoughts on “A tip for all you mascara lovers out there

  1. Baby wipes or make up wipes can help also especially if your lazy with getting a cotton pad and the make up removal liquid!


  2. My mascara is SO hard to get off. It’s Avons extra lasting mascara and I swear I would need like 5 cotton pads for each eye. I kind of gave up trying :X So bad, I know.


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