Dear diary: Bad hair day? Try bad hair weekend.

Okay here we go…

Over the weekend I decided to chop off my long straight hair to what you would call a sort of bob styled hair cut, I suppose.

Silly me because my normal hairdresser was really busy, he couldn’t cut it for me so I decided to go somewhere else because I was desperate for that hair cut. It SUCKS! By the way if you were wondering.

Not going to lie, it’s not the worst hair cut I’ve ever had but sort of kind of not really what I wanted. The way he cut my bangs, it was just too short for my liking, the front part, lovely, really nice, I liked it and the back, weirdest styled hair cut of my life. Not the worst but the most, I’m trying not to be mean so let’s just say one of the most inventive haircuts I’ve had, in a weird kind of way.

I went home and styled it the way I wanted, wavy, some parts straight and it did look nice, it actually made me look a lot mature and professional looking especially because I was wearing a navy blue jumpsuit with a blazer on. So I thought okay well if it looks nice kind of wavy in some parts I’m going to go get a perm then because my hair just cannot take curls, they just end up falling flat as soon as it’s done.

Soooooooooooo I went to get my perm, a wavy perm, costed me $100, sat there for 3 hours, 2 days later one side of my hair is curlier than the other. OH MY GOSH! Seriously can this bad hair weekend get any worse? The perm itself wasn’t too disappointing well that would be a lie, I actually regret getting a perm and I think it was just because of the initial hair cut I wasn’t happy and I seriously thought perming it would be a quick fix solution.

Lesson learnt: perms do not suit me and I’m going back to my initial thinking of whenever I go get my hair cut, just don’t expect it to look good.

Hope you all had a great weekend, unlike me.

Talk about a hairy situation. Literally.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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