FEEL: Out the door topcoat review

Forgive me my last product review was on nail polish, and yes you guessed it, it’s going to be another nail polish review, soon enough I’ll be talking about my nails just as much as my hair posts, but I mean I’m sure you all love doing your nails so this review is going to be a goodie.

Alright so I shop a lot so most of these blogs start off with I went to my beauty supplier, because I literally see her every week because I work near there and like I said in my Look at all this stuff blog I’m going to stop spending too much.


I originally wanted to get some OPI top coat because they sell it for a good enough price, I suppose. The thing was she ran out of OPI nail polish, well the top coat and this always happens to me, everytime I need something, somehow it’s either not my day or they are out of stock, but she introduced me to this other top coat called…

Out the Door

Out the door topcoat

OMG would it be bad for me to say that it’s almost as good as OPI but maybe even better?

Let me give you guys some reasons..

  1. It dries SUPER FAST! Think superman fast when he’s flying or whatever. 45 seconds and it’s dry, second coat? Go for it!
  2. Durable like you wouldn’t believe, day 5 showed my friend my nails and she’s like wow did you get them done and I’m like no I did them myself and what a compliment, it looked so good that she thought a professional did it. That and it’s only started chipping on my pointer finger on my left hand.
  3. And of course with any top coat there’s that high shine that we all love, and yes it so does that as well.

Will definitely be buying this and rebuying it, it’s that good.  Oh and did I mention it only costed me $7.95.

By the way let me explain the picture, unfortunately she didn’t have the actual little bottles to sell, only the massive ones, so she transferred it into an empty nail polish bottle, I mean they are a wholesaler/retailer after all.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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