Look at all this stuff!

Okay that’s it ladies and gents. I officially have too many beauty products. And don’t be like you can never have enough beauty products, but uhh I think you can.

I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately maybe it’s called growing up, but I’ve started to really think about the money I spend and what I spend it on and if I really need something, sooooooooo what I’m trying to say is I need to stop being such an impulse buyer.

Okay yeah so what I work in retail and you would think that you would know the tactics on how they sell a product but I just can’t say no sometimes and just buy something because I really want it and don’t NEED it. I don’t like making people feel sad that they didn’t get a sale out of me. I could be their only sale that day, think about it like that. (not likely the case, but you never know) I’m a you never know kind of person, you know? Alright this is getting confusing even for me and I’m writing this.

So as part of becoming a smart buyer instead of an impulse one, I am going to finish all these beauty products before I invest in another beauty product.

Impulse buyer like me? Let me know what one product you have way too much of.

Alright so, here I have like a million trillion creams and lotions that I currently own (some have been untouched, some are almost finished.)

I am not kidding you these are all mine. This was when it hit me that I had too many products because I had nowhere to store these on my makeup table.

the creams and lotions for soft skin like a baby's bottom.

So here I have:

  – Kenkay skin relief sorbolene cream  (1kg of that, but i don’t care best product ever)

– Escada marine groove body lotion

– Sudocrem

– Palmer’s cocoa body butter

– Palmer’s cocoa butter formula

– nutrimetics botanicals green tea body lotion

– Solace mineral spa body butter

-Solace mineral spa body lotion

– Vaseline intensive care lotion in aloe vera

                                                                                                  I wasn’t kidding when I say I  use A LOT of different brands.

Next up we have the day and night creams:

The day and night creams

– Nivea creme

– Nivea soft

– Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturiser

– Aveenooooooo positively radiant tinted moisturiser

– Garnier miracle skin perfector BB creme

Then over here we have my facial cleansers, yes I use more than one,  I want to give every beauty product out there a chance

The daily cleansers

– Formula 10.0.6 Best face forward daily foaming cleanser

– Clean & Clear essentials self-foaming facial wash

–  Shiseido The skincare rinse off cleansing gel

– QV gentle wash

Lip care, who doesn't own some sort of lip balm, no matter how tom boyish you are.

And because our lips need some loving too, I stocked up on more than a couple of these

– Vaseline white petroleum jelly style

– Ultraceuticals professional ultra lip protect

– Nivea lip care in cherry (my favourite of all time and it’s almost finished)

– Blistex silk & shine

– Lip smacker in gum ball galaxy ( taking it back old school to when these were the coolest)

– Chapstick ( I just love the name for this brand) I have a slogan for it, want to hear it?  Chapped lips? Have no fear chapstick is here.

I vow that I will do my very best at using up all these products before I purchase any new ones, but no promises.

And don’t even get me started on the makeup products.


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