Beg to differ: Lipstick vs Lipgloss

Lipstick is a powerful thing.

That is all. Thanks for reading my blog post today. =)

I’m just kidding I wish I could only say a few words and post that up, never going to happen.

So first of all YAYYY, you’re reading my first post for one of my many ideas that have been on my wall waiting to be used, BEG TO DIFFER, which will be about looks that sort of, kind of work, but maybe don’t and also products that you prefer but maybe others won’t.

So let’s get down to business, LIPSTICK vs LIPGLOSS

Which one do you prefer?

I personally hate lip gloss only because it’s sticky and when the wind blows your hair sticks to the gloss and then your hair gets sticky and it’s just a sticky mess.

So overall, sticky.

Lipstick on the other hand I LOVE! I love how the colours are matte and the different shades there are and even just wearing a statement lip can completely transform the way you present yourself and give you those instant beauty points.

Pros and Cons time.

Let’s start off with lipgloss.



Here are the pros..

  •  It gives your lips that plumper, fuller look
  •  They make your lips look so kissable, but that’s bad too because who wants to kiss with lip gloss on. Gross. They should put a label on all lip glosses. Caution: Not good for kissing, illusion only.
  •  Some glosses contain sunscreen so they give your lips that added protection from the sun
  •  Adds a little colour to your natural lip.
  • Perfect for anybody who’s not ready for the bold statement of a lipstick, seriously. You can work your way up.

With that said, here are the Cons..

  •  IT BLEEDS!!!! So the gloss will just go all over your mouth and not stay where it’s meant to be.
  • Doesn’t last that long on your lips. Reapplying is a necessity when it comes to wearing lip gloss
  • Did I mention it was sticky? And sticks to your hair and just it’s sticky?
  • Hard to make a statement with lip gloss, most glosses have a light sheer colour
  • Not great if you already have fuller lips, the shine adds illusion and makes them look twice as plump.



The Pros…

  • There are so many shades out there! Shades for daytime and shades for the night.
  • Sometimes a bold colour lipstick is all you need to transform your day makeup to an awesome night out
  • Colour stays on much longer than a gloss especially if you’ve prepped them properly
  • Looks crazy sophisticated
  • It’s very daring and I think it brings out a new found confidence

To be honest with you, I thought I would have more pros when I started typing this, but I just love lipstick and the feeling it gives you when you put it on.

The cons..

  • It dries your lips so wear lip balm before you apply
  • This hasn’t happened to me ever but maybe it gets on your teeth sometimes. Whoops.

And that’s all really, I can’t think of too many cons for lipsticks, maybe I’m just bias or maybe it’s true. =)

P.s. I love blogging and my wireless keyboard is spazzing out on me, so if there are any mistakes, I apologise.


7 thoughts on “Beg to differ: Lipstick vs Lipgloss

  1. I love both! I wear glosses during the day – and lip balms – because my lipstick disappears too so might as well look the same when I finish as when I start. Night time I like lipstick… it’s quite hard to find a really flattering lipstick though, I find! May be a confidence thing though… thanks for the blog post!


    • that’s so cute, I hope I can convert everybody, haha. Definitely do you’ll be surprised at how much more of a statement it makes. Thanks for the liking spree. =)


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