Dear diary: I want a high tea party!

This year I wasn’t planning on having a party to celebrate my birthday, only because I usually don’t throw parties because people always seem to let you down, somehow no matter what. Or maybe it was because I surrounded myself with people that weren’t that great to me and took everything I did for granted.

I remember my last party and people just started calling me on the day of my birthday bbq and telling me they couldn’t make it or whatever, which disappointed me a lot. Since then I haven’t been to big on parties but I think I might throw a high tea party, maybe just for fun not even for my birthday.

I blame my cousin first of all for putting this idea into my head, but I absolutely LOVE my tea. I’m not kidding I am the biggest tea fanatic. A yummy english breakfast with milk in the morning and some green tea infused with jasmine at night, absolutely loving it.

If i could set it out like this, I would be the happiest person in the world

I want to buy those cute little tea sets, with the pots and saucer and teacup, I think would be so adorable for this high tea party.

I see a beautiful garden with fairy lights dropping down, cupcakes on the table, cucumber sandwiches ( I don’t know how to make them, but I’m sure google will),  beautiful flowers in vases, laced tablecloths the sun setting and more. I am so excited, partly because I love planning events as well.

Really hoping I can go buy a cute little tea set somewhere, especially if it was a vintage one, would absolutely make my day!

I’m even thinking of how to design the invites, instead of facebooking it like everybody seems to be doing and giving away little gift bags that have a little tea cup with some teabags in it.

So elegant, I’m excited.

something like this, so pretty. talk about inspiration.


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