There’s a new product in town: nail polish remover WIPES?

It feels like forever since I’ve been trying to get this post up, but fnally!

I am sooooooooooooo excited to be blogging about this right now. I’ve had this series in my head for ages now and I could never find something to post under the name, until now.

This is the most amazing thing EVER invented. Remember how I blogged about the nifty gift idea, this was when I first discovered this product.

So, you’re doing your nails and I’m sure you all hate the smell of that nail polish, especially when it comes to removing it.

Nail polish stinks and if you smell even the slightest bit too much of it you start coughing, the same with nail polish remover. I LOVE doing my nails and probably explains why I spend so much money on nail polish. (I’m sorry I want to have every colour out there) For me it’s so girly and for some weird reason it relaxes me and I love matching the colours with the outfit that I’m going to wear, another accessory.

The discovery: Nail polish remover WIPES!

Beauty care co. nail polish remover wipes


This means no need for a tissue or cotton pad to apply the nail polish remover, instead using this wipe can get rid of every single colour from your nails. That’s 8 fingers and 2 thumbs worth of colour, GONE!

This particular one I purchased from Kmart at, are you ready for it? $1.50, yep, you heard it here first, $1.50 and it was sort of just all tossed into a basket and I was like NO, you should be stacking these up nice and neatly on a shelf with spotlights on it and a massive poster, not in a basket. This is how amazing this product is.

The one I got is by Beauty care co. and I know Sportsgirl is also stocking these remover wipes for $4.95 and they have different scents.

I wish you could smell the amazing scent of these wipes, it may look thin but believe me, they're amazing!

Why I love it…

–        It’s affordable

–        Acetone free

–        Contains 30 wipes (one wipe literally takes off all the colour from your thumb to your pinky and double that)

–        The smell is incredible, it’s pleasant and doesn’t make you cough like nail polish remover does. Think a jar of those hard boiled candies.

–        Wiping that nail polish off is a breeze

–        Great for when you’re in a rush and if you ever forget to take that polish off from last night

–        Pop it into your bag and use it whenever you need too (people won’t look at you weird when you’re in public and you’re carrying a bottle of remover and some cotton pads) seriously as girls, how much more stuff can we put into our bags?

–        It’s compact, the wipes are 45mm in diameter, so if you’re not a maths whizz, it fits in the palm of your hands.

I am not kidding ladies, like the nuts out of this product and please if you have a Kmart near you, pick one of these up. I highly doubt you will be disappointed and let me know too, if you’ve already got this and you’re like OLD news but if you haven’t and you went to buy it because you read this blog =) or found it out of your own curiosity, tell me about it.  I would love to know your thoughts.

Talk about revolutionary!


One thought on “There’s a new product in town: nail polish remover WIPES?

  1. I tried one like this but I believe it was Sweepers or Dove brand last year sometime. I ran out of it and couldn’t find this same brand on the shelf at Woolworths for AUD$2.99 a jar. It was alright and very handy like you mentioned above, if you’re anything like me and accidentally leave the lid open it dries up fast. Reminds me I have to go get another, but I’ll try KMART since it’s much cheaper, as long as it removes nail polish that’s all that matters!


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