Dear diary: VBA & how I LOVE technology, but only sometimes

This just proves how tech savvy I am NOT. I wanted to reply to all the bloggers who said thank you for nominating them for the VBA , but I got way too many notifications that day, I don’t know where they went because I just suck like that. So I’m going to say it here. You are all very very welcome and I hope that nomination made you as happy as it made me when I received it.

Alright life story time. I got a phone call at 8:40 in the morning the other day from my best friend asking if I had a certain persons number, so I looked through my phone to find that person, gave her the number and asked why? She replied, I left my phone in my driving instructor’s car and she didn’t have his number, but the person she called me to get the number from might have. ( mind you we’ve been friends for 8 years now, so she had my home number written down somewhere but not my mobile), which got me thinking about how reliant we are on our phones, laptops, computers and all these electronic gadgets.

I mean why wouldn’t we be? Phones these days can store everything from important meetings, telephone numbers, addresses, they have navigation systems, you can do your banking, it’s crazy.

I’m a very cautious person so I like to take it back old school. I went to the bank the other day to deposit a cheque and this was my first time depositing a cheque, so I asked them how to do it and she gave me like a million answers, you can do it via the atm machine outside or you can do a quick deposit or blah blah blah, I seriously stopped listening there were that many ways to do it, so in the end I was just like…… I’m going to line up.

I was also thinking if I ever lost my phone, I’m so screwed, I have numbers on there that I don’t memorise because the phone saves the number for me and it’s like my memory, technological form.


By the way, sorry for no beauty or makeup post, I’m working on a good one right now, just need some pictures. Give me a day, maybe two.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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