FEEL: Rokk96 nail polish in review

Dear lovers of nail polish loving lovely lovers. Woah try saying that 10 times really fast.

I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this before but I love nail polish and you would be crazy if you have not seen all the amazing nail art out there on all these blogs. I’m a sucker for nail art you could be pro skilling it or just a newbie in nail art, I’m going to like that no matter what. Seeing all these amazing pictures, seriously my mind goes MIA and I just get so lost in the photos because they’re that amazing.

To all the nail art bloggers out there, you guys are incredible! And keep doing these designs, if I haven’t liked it, I probably haven’t seen it so feel free to link it in the comment section so I can check it out.

Okay, so my beauty supplier no longer stocks one of my favourite inexpensive nailpolish brands which is a bummer because it was $5 and lasted me 4 days before chipping which is pretty good for 5 bucks, but I’ve recently found a new brand that I’m falling for quick sticks.

The colour range is crazy, you have everything from your nude shades to deepest of darkest reds. I picked up my first 3 for $19 or $7.95 for one.

The brand is Rokk 96 and I haven’t heard of this one before so I thought no harm in trying it out and may I say, $19 well spent.

LEFT: 413 Yvette MIDDLE: 205 Apricot RIGHT: 216 Pink Terracotta


First coat, uhh amazing, the colour is so strong I seriously did not want to put on a second coat because it didn’t need it,but force of habit, I did.


ONLY the 1st coat


Keeping in my mind I didn’t put on a top coat so it started to wear out at the tips in 2 days but then I put some top coat on day 2 and it’s still on my nails day 5 now. The only place it’s wearing out is at the tips and it doesn’t look horrid.

DAY 5 of having the nail polish on, top coat applied on DAY 2

Since buying my first 3 I went back to get another 3 because the sale was still on and seriously they have 96 shades, if I was a millionaire I would so by them all, except I have most of the colours from different brands. But that’s okay.

LEFT: 702 Sherbet MIDDLE: 507 Dusty RIGHT: 605 Confetti

Overall I like this nail polish but I need to stop spending money on it because everytime I think about it, it’s only $19 but it adds up.


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